Summer Programs for Kids

By this point, I'm almost certain that you're all relatively sick about me talking about the things we're planning on doing this summer, and I know planning a summer full of activities isn't for every mom, but for me, I like having something fun on the calendar because I'm typically not a fun mom, so this summer is more about me getting out of my own comfort zone with the kids and engaging and doing more with them, and less about me thinking that my kids need to be stimulated with all the things all summer. I know we'll fall short a lot of days, and have a lot of chill days at home, but I like knowing that there are endless things we could be doing. 

There are a few summer programs that I've learned about that I want to take advantage of with the kids this year. Most are free, and some are not, but I think that they all have merit and value, and so I'm excited to share them with you all, in hopes of inspiring you to do something with your kids this summer too! 

Cinemark Summer Movie Club: I know everyone already knows about these, but Cinemark does $1 movies a couple times per week in the summer. I don't love all the movies our local theater is playing, but will happily take my kids to see Boss Baby, Storks, and possibly Paddington 2. I also have a Cinemark gift card that's been sitting around for over a year now, so it will be nice to put that t o good use. 

Kids Bowl Free: On a recent trip to Heber Valley with the kids, we took them bowling for the first time and they had an absolute blast. It's something that we've wanted to do more of, and the Kids Bowl Free program is the perfect way to take advantage of that. You have to register your kids through that link, but once they're registered they can bowl two free games EVERY DAY during the summer.

Utah Summer Reading Event: If your a resident in the state of Utah, head over to the summer reading event to sign your kids up for an AWESOME program! If you have kids are between the ages of 2-14 they can print out a game board, and for each day they read for 20 minutes, they get to fill in a spot on the board. Each base they pass earns a prize. The prizes are a pencil, a free book, a free happy meal, and then if you complete the board, you get two tickets to a Salt Lake Bees game. I'm excited about this because I think it's an awesome way to teach your kids about working towards a goal, while also having them practice their reading skills through the summer. 

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