High Risk Home Building

Four years ago we went through our entire crazy and intense high risk pregnancy to bring Em into the world. Four years later and here we are, back in Utah, trying to build a forever home just for her. A place where she can grow and thrive for the rest of her life, and we'll know that should we have to, we'll never have to leave. We can stay planted and grow together. 

That was the plan anyways until we had a huge truth bomb dropped on us a few weeks ago. The housing market in Utah right now is insane. Home pries are going up faster than you can get an offer in, and interest rates are going up just as fast as the home prices are. Our lender has communicated to us that should the interest rate on our loan exceed over 5%, we will no longer qualify for our loan, and Derek and I will have to walk away from the home that we've spent the last serval months planning and dreaming of. 

This brings so many questions and red flags. What will happen come December? Will we really walk away from our home? Will we really not qualify for our loan? Will we continue renting where we are now, or downgrade to a cheap apartment to save more money faster and hopefully get into another house sooner? Will we stay renting for a few more years and hope the market crashes and burns like in 2007? 

I left last week to attend Girl's Camp with our church congregation and had all these questions, and many more things weighing heavily on me. As I had time to ponder through all of our options, I came to the realization that this house isn't everything to us. When I came home, I told Derek that we shouldn't do all that we can to save this house we're building. If come December the interest rate is still low enough for us to get our loan? Awesome, we'll close on our house and move in. But Derek and I both agreed that it isn't worth it to us to financially blow through every option and penny we have to save this house that would leave us financially strapped for years until we got a raise large enough to make the home comfortable. 

It's scary not knowing how all of this will end. Em is a constant reminder and living proof in our home of the miracles and blessings that Heavenly Father is capable of. We know that Heavenly Father has a plan for us, and whether that plan is for us to be in Layton, Utah or Tooele County, we have the faith to know that this will all be okay in the end. 


  1. Oh, Utah. That state has my heart - and it has since college, but dang...the housing market is insane! My husband and I used to want to settle there, but now we, too, worry about the prices and interest rates. We'll be praying for your family in this time of transition though, and I know that our Heavenly Father will be on your side all the way, as well, especially with your healthy outlook!

  2. I am so sorry to hear that, but you're right god always has a plan and if it's meant to be it'll be. I hope everything goes okay for you guys come December.