Three Ways to Achieve Workout Goals

This post was sponsored by Optimum Nutrition, Avia, and Schwinn Bicycles as part of an Influencer Activation and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

When I got back into running late last year, I was so happy to just be running in general, that I didn't mind that it was the only form of exercising that I was getting. Now that I've completed my first marathon, and have been running and racing for eight months straight, I've definitely learned the value in being able to switch it up, and add new things to your routine so that you can avoid the burnout that comes from running and racing so much. Whenever I get into a workout rut, I like to try a few different things to help me feel re-motivated to reach new goals. 

Buying New Workout Clothes:
This may seem so vain and trivial, but I think that having new workout clothes can really motivate you to workout. If I know I have some bright new shorts or a fun tank top, I'm way more likely to get my workout in then if all I have laying around is an old pair of soccer shorts from high school and an old race t-shirt. 

I love the Avia line from Walmart because all of their pieces are super affordable, without sacrificing quality. I love that these orange shorts that I'm wearing are made from moisture wicking material, but also have built in spandex with comfort stretch so that everything that I want covered stays covered, but that I'm also comfortable as well. Another huge bonus is that most of their products have reflective accents, which is awesome since most of my workouts happen around bedtime. 

Add Cross Training to Your Routine:
Cross training is basically any exercise outside of your main sport. If swim all the time, try running. If you run all the time, try biking. Switching up your routine 1-2 times per week will help you work different muscle groups, and give tired legs a break from the same activity over and over again. 

I recently got a Schwinn Sidewinder bicycle and it's been so fun to hop on that 1-2 times a week instead of running, especially during these hot summer months. I've also felt like I've checked a lot of major boxes with running, and would love to start dabbling into triathlons, so having this bike is awesome to help me work towards that goal. 

The Schwinn Sidewinder has 21-speed Shimano Revo twist shifters to ensure easy transitions and gear changes, while the Shimano rear derailleur can handle any trail you want to hit. I've mostly stayed on the roads with my rides so far, but I can't wait to take this bike up in the mountains to see what it can do! The light and strong alloy rims provide added durability and stability for everyday riding. Since I'm also fairly accident prone, I also love that all Schwinn products have a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own the bike... I'm sure I'm bound to need that at some point. 

Switch Up Your Supplements: 
I go through phases where I'm really good, and then really bad about being consistent with my supplements. My brother-in-law actually got me hooked on Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate last year when I was really into crossfit, and I find that when I'm not seeing the results I want, adding Optimum Nutrition back into my routine typically helps me feel better, and see results sooner. 

Optimum Nutrition® Whey Protein Isolate "isolates" the fat and carbs out of the protein so that you're left with 25g of protein in a 130 calorie shake, without any artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors. When I've had a hard workout, I've found that taking ON Whey Protein Isolate helps speed up recovery and strengthen my muscles so that I'm ready for the next workout on my schedule! 

I also love the Optimum Nutrition® Performance Energy. It about as much caffeine from natural sources as a cup of coffee with 3 grams of muscle supporting amino acids. Optimum Nutrition® Performance Energy mixes easily into cold water using just a glass and spoon making it a great option to easily take before you head out the door on your next run or bike ride. 

I also love having easy grab and go snacks like the Optimum Nutrition® Protein Cake Bites. They have 20g of protein in little whipped bite size pieces that are easy to stash in your purse or gym bag, meaning you can curb your appetite at a moment's notice without deterring from your nutrition plan and goals. 

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  1. Paige, I LOVE these tips! I was an athlete all through college (swimmer for the U!), but since having our boys, I've been in the WORST rut. I feel like I can't find the right fitness for me. Thanks for sharing these tips! Maybe I should finallly get a bike?!