Hotels4Teams Ambassador Program

I am so happy to announce that I've become one of the newest members of the Hotel4Teams Sports Mom Panel. Hotels4Teams is sponsoring this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

One of my greatest joys growing up was playing sports. I started playing soccer when I was young, and played all the way through high school on various club and travel teams. As a high school track and field athlete, we often went to invitationals far away from our hometown, and as a high school athlete, staying in a hotel and going somewhere far for a game was almost as fun as being on a team in the first place.

Now that I'm a parent, and proud to say, "a sports mom", I'm finding myself at the beginning of this era where the roles are flipped, and instead of being the child participating in the sport, I'm now that mom who is making all the arrangements of putting games and practices on the calendar, and making arrangements for how we will get to each game, and where we will stay when we get there.

Hotels4Teams makes booking travel a breeze. Whether you're looking for a hotel for just you and your athlete, or an entire team, Hotels4Teams takes out all of the guess work so that you can enjoy your tournament weekend as much as your all-star. 

Simply log into their website and type in the name of the city, venue, or even high school that you are traveling to, and Hotels4Teams will show you the closest hotels to where you need to be, and you have the option of booking either one room, or a block of rooms with ease. 

Jay will be participating in a weeklong soccer camp later this summer, and within a matter of minutes we were able to find several hotel options within a mile of the sports complex where the camp will be held, and had our room booked in no time. 

Another great feature of the Hotel4Teams site is that they have travel guides for many cities throughout the United States. In as much as a sport is what brought you to a certain area, there is a lot of downtime when camps get out for the day, or being in between tournament games, it's nice to have options of things to see and places to go so that you feel like you've gotten the most out of your time away.

As a child who grew up not going on many family vacations, it was the time that I spent on sports teams and traveling to various locations that I really got to travel and see different parts of my state or country, and traveling with sports teams is a really valuable way to introduce young kids and adolescents to new cities and cultures. 

I'm so excited for the opportunity I have to share with you over the next several weeks, or even months, what being a sports mom looks like for me and my family and how we make the most of it with Hotels4Teams. If you have any tips for traveling with teams or bring a sports mom, I'd love to hear about them in the comments below! 

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