The Messy Home Tour

The internet is loaded with home tours. Tours where the houses are decorated by professional designers and everything is perfect. You can find those tours on this blog, and thousands of others. But what about the real life? No one's house looks like that all the time, and I feel like it does a disservice to other people when they think bloggers live in perfectly photo ready houses all the time. That may be the reality for some, but it's definitely not the reality for me. While I do try to clean my house daily, it's because it only takes a few hours for my home to look like this:

We're going to start this tour in the playroom. What we're looking at here is a mess of fleece blankets that I never know what to do with. They always wind up getting folded in a large pile on the couch, but it only takes seconds for some small hands to rip them off and mess them up again. You can also see a picture frame laying against the wall that's been waiting to be hung since the day we moved in.

Over in the toy area we have my shoes, Jay's jacket that got thrown on the bookshelf, instead of in his room. We have ANOTHER one of Jay's coats thrown on the floor, and some toys not where they should be. We also have Em's carseat in pieces on the floor by the red table. I washed it last week, and it's sat there ever since. (We have a backup one in the car that she's been using.)

Next we have our laundry hallway. This leads to the rest of the house. We have dirty clothes piled a mile high on top of the dryer, socks that will probably never get put away, and some folded laundry lined up along the wall, waiting to make it's way to it's home.

When you come out of the hall and turn your head towards the bedrooms, you're greeted by Jay's bathroom. I don't know how many days worth of clothes are on that floor, but the number is large folks. And about a week of bath towels.

Head into Jay's room and you see an unmade bed, legos all over the dresser (despite the no toys in the bedroom rule), and what you can't see is that there is literally a picture missing off the wall from above his bed, and you guessed it, more dirty clothes on the floor.

Next is Derek and I's bathroom. You can see workout clothes in a heap on the floor, a towel that missed the towel rack after my shower, my hair straightener that I used three days ago and still hadn't put away, and a scale not tucked back in it's proper spot.

Next is our bedroom where the laundry is out of control, Em's shoes, and hair supplies are on the floor. Clothes are on top of the dresser, waiting to go inside, and what you can't see are the leg braces, mountain of socks, and my school books which are tossed all over the floor on my side of the bed.

As we head into the living room we see two pairs of my shoes on the floor, Em's leg braces, the entire paw patrol crew, and a toilet. Yes, that is a literal toilet in our living room. Has Em used it? Nope, but we're holding out hope that seeing it there will spark some interest. And in the middle of the chaos is Em eating her cereal at the coffee table. Where I had to wipe up all the milk and cereal off the table, and her, and yank chunks of crusty cereal out of the carpet.

In the dinning room we have a box with a broken curtain rod inside that needs to be returned to Amazon, and Jay's breakfast hanging out on the table still.

Lastly, we end our tour in the kitchen, where drawers are puled out, paper towels are tossed on the counter like it ain't no thing, the toaster isn't put away, and the broom is all, "Heyyyyy!" Then we head to the counter where there is some of Em's clothes from a package that came yesterday, more leg braces (HOW ARE THESE EVERYWHERE?!) and a huge pile of mail waiting to go in the trash.

So there you have it. Showing every bit of imperfection that I can for all the world to see. And if you thought this was horrifying, you should see my garage.  We'll save that for another day.


  1. I freaking love you!!! Yep, best post ever fo sho!

  2. Love this! Thanks for sharing your messy house! It’s ncie to see houses that are actually lived in.

  3. Thank you for doing a real life post. I get so sick and tired of seeing magazine homes all over instagram and all of them are moms of at least 2 kids. It is pretty, but if you are a mom, how does one live in a perfect house like instagram shows. I dont know if those posts make me happy or depressed because as a mom I cant keep my house clean for one second. I guess those moms must have kids who take long naps and then are perfectly behaved upon waking up. So irritating. Thanks for a post like this mom to mom.

  4. I have an in-law that has one of those perfectly decorated houses all the time. And it is so nerve wracking to take my kids over there! I love how clean your house is, because it is like mine, totally real! Keep the real coming!