The Ultimate Family Christmas Gift Guide 2018

There are lots of bloggers out there who do lots of gift guides throughout the holiday season. I am not that kind of blogger because holy cow, gift guides take so much work, and I do not have that kind of energy. Definitely a sorry not sorry kind of situation. Each year instead, I do one massive gift guide that's inclusive for the entire family... and by entire family I mean mom, dad, four year old girl, and six year old boy, if your family is out of that window, then I'm no help to you. If your family does fall in that range, then I got tons of great picks for your family this year, just in time for Cyber Monday. 

Also because I feel the need to disclaimer all the things, no, I did not buy all of this for my family, this is simply to give a large selection of ideas for you to choose from while shopping this season! 

Hydro Flask: This is the best water bottle for keeping your drinks cold! I love the 32oz one because I only need to fill it twice throughout the day to make sure I'm getting the right amount of water I need each day. Right now it's 25% off with free shipping from Dick's Sporting Goods! 

Ugg Slippers: As I've gotten older, I've found my feet prefer wearing some sort of shoe in the house. I've loved my Ugg Boots for almost 10 years now, so getting their slippers seems like the next best thing. 

Butter Keeper: I've been wanting a butter keeper for literally years now. This one is marble, and would look super cute in any kitchen! 

Modest Nightgown: Do you know how hard it is to find the right nightgown that actually covers all the things you want covered? I love these house dresses because I can wear it to bed, and then get chores done around the house comfortably without feeling exposed or undressed. They're the best. 

Magnetic Phone Mount: I've been wanting a good phone mount for my car for ages. These ones clip onto your heat vent and then your phone just magnets to it. These ones come in a two pack for just under $10 and have over 10,000 positive reviews on amazon! 

Apple Watch: Everyone I know that has an Apple Watch absolutely loves them. They're going to be $199 at Target on Cyber Monday, so shop early before they sell out! 

Apple iPad: I've been dying to have an iPad for years now, but still haven't pulled the trigger. (who I've purchased from in the past and are totally reputable), has the latest model available for $249 this weekend! 

PS4: Derek bought a PS3 the year we got married and it's served as our blue-ray player, video game console, Netflix device, and more over the last seven years. The Spiderman bundle package for the Ps4 will be available on Cyber Monday for $199 but shop early! They sell out FAST! Derek got one on Black Friday, and this is basically his only gift this year for Christmas. 

Instax Camera: These modern day Polaroid cameras are wildly popular, and are only $49.99 on amazon this weekend. These are perfect for a mom, teenager, or anyone on your shopping list. 

Loopy Phone Case: Everyone has been talking about how awesome these cases are, and I'm totally in the Market for a new one. They come in tons of prints and colors, and have a silicone loop in the back for your finger so you don't drop your phone. I totally need this. 

Bissell Vacuum: If you're new here, I wrote a passionate post about how much I love my Bissell Vacuum cleaner a few years ago. Mine is slowly, and sadly on it's way out, but when the time comes I'd totally do another Bissell. I know most bloggers are team Dyson, but I'm not that blogger. 

Kitchenaid Mixer: My Kitchenaid is one of my most used kitchen tools. You can get them at Macy's this week for $179, which is a killer deal, and over $100 off! Use code DEAL at checkout!

Bathpack Brushes: Wet Brush is apparently the go-to hair brush in the beauty community, but I've heard so many bloggers raving about these brushes that I had to buy some for Christmas for myself this year. For $15.99 you get three brushes, which you can divide among stockings or for friend gifts. I'm told you won't be sorry. 

Peppa Pig Playhouse: Em has been obsessed with all things Peppa Pig the last few months. For her birthday I bought her a dollhouse that I put together wrong and it since has fallen to pieces. I thought it was a great opportunity to replace it with this one that doesn't need any assembly, and has her favorite characters. I got mine for $29.99 on Amazon on Black Friday, and it's over $100 on Amazon when I'm writing this (Saturday night), so check around. I've linked you to Target where it's currently listed at $60. (Target will have 15% off their entire site on Cyber Monday, so be sure to snag some deals then!)

Peppa Pig's Friends: What good is Peppa's house, without her friends to share it with? Remember Target's site will be 15% off on Cyber Monday, that's when I plan to purchase these!

Razor Scooter: We're blessed to live in an incredibly safe area where most of the elementary kids (as young as kindergarten and first grade) ride scooters to school each day. These are currently on sale (Saturday night) at Target for $18. They may not be that cheap on Cyber Monday, but they will be at least 15% off. Shop around other stores for the best deal. 

smART Sketcher: I was looking for six-year-old-boy gifts and amazon recommended this to me. You insert an SD card that it comes with into the projector and then you can trace one of fifty images. You can purchase additional SD packs, and it has an app that is available on iOS and Android devices. 

Ninjago Lego Set: Jay is obsessed with Ninjago right now, so we got him this small set to put together! 

Mickey Mouse Train: One of our friends in Georgia had this train for their son, and Em was obsessed with it. We got it for her for Christmas this year, and I know her reaction is going to be amazing. (We got it as part of an upcoming project with Kohl's)

Code A Pillar: I love toys that encourage coding and STEM skills. I've been wanting to try the Code A Pillar for years now, and we actually got one gifted to us as part of an upcoming blog post with Kohl's that I'm excited for Jay to open on Christmas.  

Jello Play Kits: I've been seeing these Jello Play Kits around the internet and I'm super intrigued. It's slime meets edible Jello, and I think my kids totally need to play with these. 

Rey To Z Hats: One of my friends owns this baseball hat shop where you can get your kid's initial custom sewn onto a hat, and they even have matching hats for mom. Our kids have these and they are by far my favorite hats that they own. I'm totally getting them new ones to go into their stockings this year! Use code THANKYOU25 for 25% off through Monday 

London Littles Rain Boots: Another shop owned by one of my friends. These rain boots are perfect for little kids and come in so many fun prints. I've been dying to get them for my own kids, but rain boots and leg braces just don't work together, and if one kid has something that the other doesn't... well you get the idea. Let me live vicariously through your rain boots though okay? Use code BIGBEN for 20% off through Monday night! 

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  1. Two things on your grownup list I vote for. Wet brush hair brushes and the phone magnets for your car. I have both. Best things ever!