Our Weekly Laundry Routine

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Up until a few weeks ago, laundry has always been a major struggle in our house. I never saw the value in doing it each day, because it felt like there weren't enough dirty clothes to run a load, which resulted in me doing everything one day a week. The problem was that it would take hours to get all the laundry done, and then I would never want to fold it. So, we would pick clean clothes off the laundry room floor for an entire week before it was time to repeat the cycle all over again. Luckily, we've finally broken that cycle and I'm excited to share what's been working really well for our family.

Use Good Detergent:
My family and I have used all® laundry detergent almost exclusively since Derek and I got married. I love that it fights 100% of stain* types (*bleachable, oily/waxy, enzymatic, and particulate), and leaves my clothes looking as good as new wash after wash. We recently switched to all® OXI stainlifters which has proven its weight in gold time and time again. Especially when it comes to dirty soccer uniforms and messy playground clothes from the kids. With its amazing stain removing power, all® laundry detergent is our family's best ally to take on any new activity, stains and all.

We've also been huge fans of all® free clear OXI, which has all the same benefits as the traditional all® OXI detergent, but without the dyes and chemicals for those who prefer something more gentle for their family.

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Get On A Rotating Schedule: Get on a rotating schedule with your laundry. Start with your whites one day, your colors the next, and then your towels after that. By doing each of these categories every three days, it means that you'll have three days worth of each category when you run your load. That makes it worth it to run the machine, but small enough that it's manageable and not taking over your life. I've found doing one load a day has really helped to keep everything at a manageable level.

Fold The Next Day:
I typically like to put a load into the wash, switch it to the dryer, and then I'll typically let it sit in the dryer overnight with no guilt. When I go to do my load the next day, I'll put the new day's load in the washer, fold and put away the clothes that are sitting in the dryer from the day before, put the new load in the dryer, and then repeat the same routine the following day.

What tips do you have for managing laundry in your home? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below! And don't forget to shop all® laundry detergent at your local Walmart.

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  1. I have a hamper for whites and a hamper for darks. I do my whites on Friday (usually 2 loads) and my darks on Saturday (also 2 loads). I always pull out dress shirts and slacks while they are hot and hang them right up so they don't have to be pressed. Then I dump the socks, pjs, etc on the bed. When both loads are done, I watch my favorite show while folding them and putting them away!

    1. Yes! TV is a great motivator for folding laundry!