Why We Love Inclusive Playgrounds

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I love taking my kids to play at the playground, but it hasn't always been that way. When Kinsley was younger, and before we knew about accessible playgrounds, it was hard to find places that developed imagination, creativity, and adventure for both of our kids. We're lucky now to live in an area where there are so many Landscape Structures Playgrounds, that it seems like there are limitless options for play available to us. 

Landscape Structure Playgrounds design better playgrounds that welcome all ages and abilities. They are the signature gathering spaces for communities and offer the most innovative play experiences. So while they have plenty of things that Kinsley can play with right now in her current ability, there is also a wide range of equipment that is challenging for both her and Kyle, and stretches Kinsley to reach new milestones, get stronger, and progress in her goals toward independent walking. 

During the summer months Kinsley's physical therapist loves to hold our therapy sessions at various Landscape Structure Playgrounds in our area. Not only does it provide a learning environment that is more fun and engaging than a clinic or inside our home, but it gives her the chance to mimic the things she is learning in a real world application. It also does a little bit better of a job at masking the fact that she has to work hard in her therapy sessions. Swings, slides, and jungle gyms are a lot more fun than bolsters, gym mats, and other therapy equipment (you heard that first here), so it helps to keep the work fun and exciting. Landscape structures Playgrounds give kids the freedom to play and gain confidence through mastery and self-discovery and instill lifelong skills.

The best part about inclusive play spaces is that it gives Kinsley an opportunity to play with kids of all abilities. Studies show that inclusion is just as beneficial for children with disabilities as it is for kids without. As a mother of a child with a disability, there is nothing more heartwarming to me when other children take the time to play and chat with Kinsley at the playground. It helps to not only develop social skills between children, but to break down the walls that can often feel like barriers between us. I'm grateful for the barriers that Landscape Structures Playgrounds work to break down within our lives and in our communities. 

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