Kinsley's Bedroom Tour

Kinsley just had a bedroom tour on the blog a few months ago, but since then we got her a new bed! She originally had a house bed, which I loved and thought was super cute, but we had some issues with it for Kinsley. It was really hard for Derek and I to bend down all the way to the floor to pick her up and put her down for bed each night. She would also roll out of bed onto the floor all night long, which meant Derek and I were going in there 4-5 times a night to help her out. We finally decided, as cute as it was, the bed had to go and we had to figure out something else. 

We decided to just go with this white wrought iron bed from Walmart. Kyle used to actually have this same bed in black (seen here), but we got rid of his a couple moves ago when we weren't going to have a guest room anymore, and gave him a queen size bed so that we'd have something for people to sleep on when they visited. 

This has actually been the best bed situation for Kinsley that we've ever had. We just put a bolster pillow under her fitted sheet, which prevents her from rolling out at night. We've all slept through the night more in the last few months than we ever had in her entire life. More nights than not, we're sleeping through the night, which is heavenly. 

The rest of her room was a little tricky to setup because the kid's rooms are pretty small in this house. Luckily her dresser fit on this wall next to her bed without the closet door hitting it because there really wasn't another spot for it in the room. We could have put it on the wall that her painting is on, but I thought it might be weird having it block the view to the closet door, so here we are. 

My friend Annie painted this for Kinsley when she was born, and it's taken us literally almost five years to get a frame for it, and get it hung on the wall! I love this frame that we got on amazon though, and think it compliments the picture, and the rest of the room really well! Thanks again Annie for painting it. We love it just as much as we did five years ago! 

Room Details: 

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  1. It looks so awesome! I'm impressed with how quickly you unpacked everything.