Master Bedroom Tour 2019

It feels so good to know that we've been in this house for less than a month and pretty much every room is completely done and set. I can't wait to share these spaces with you, and share how they develop over time as well. Our master bedroom is almost the same as it was in our last rental house (two houses ago if you can keep up haha), but we've added some new pillows to our bed, new bedding, and a few other bits and pieces along the way. 

Whenever we're putting rooms together I'm usually pretty methodical about things. I like to google things like, "pillow arrangements for king sized beds", or "how high to hang a mirror above a dresser", because I want things to be as correct as possible. When searching for pillow arrangements though, I really didn't want to buy 1,000 pillows that I knew were going to end up on the floor each night. Instead we just got three 26x26 pillows, and these buffalo check pillow covers, and just placed them in front of the two pillows that Derek and I actually sleep on. I love that they make the bed look tidy, without having to do tons or arranging every morning.

We've also came to realize that in as much as we love the look of white bedding, we're just not the type of people who can keep up with that. We got rid of our old bedding from this post, and got a simple gray comforter from Target. I think it works really well with our navy bed, and then this super soft blanket we got on Amazon perfectly brightens it up and makes it not so dark! 

My nightstand is literally the exact same from our old bedroom. Just a few books that Derek has gotten for me, a little plant, and a lamp that I have had for over two years now and have never once plugged it in and turned it on. 

Our dresser is pretty much exactly the same except for the addition of a new letter board, and a bamboo plant. Kinsley's physical therapist owns an arm brace company called The Bamboo Brace, and I've been working for him this year on the social media and marketing side of things. We thought it would be fun to do a weekly quote over on their Instagram page, so we put my letter board to work, and Derek got me a bamboo plant (which has been a labor of love to keep alive), and this little space is where that magic happens each week. 

Overall I'm really happy with our room for right now. I do think that we need someone to go above the bed, and I would love to add a sign like this to fill the space, but Derek likes it the way it is, so for now we're just leaving it! If you have any ideas though, I'd love to know what you would put in the space above the bed in the comments below!

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  1. Love that mirror! I have the same one and I LOVE IT! You have amazing style!

    Happy day friend!