3 Ways to Improve Digital Wellbeing with Google

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Screen time is something that our family has worked hard to find a balance with for years now. We've been on both sides of the pendulum with way too much screen time, eliminating it for an entire summer, and everywhere in between. It's something that I care deeply about, and hope to raise my children in a way where they become competent in how to use these devices, but that they don't become a crutch that hinders them in being connected to the other important areas of their life such as friendships, playing outside, creating things, and being an overall well rounded person. 

I love that Google recognizes that they play a huge role in the internet and technology, and as a result, has compiled a large number of resources at wellbeing.google. This is a new initiative filled with video content, a family resource guide, and tools that you can implement on your devices to increase your digital well being and to make sure that you're achieving that overall balance in your life that all families want. 

The family guide has so many inspiring quotes and suggestions that really resonated with me and my family. I loved their suggestion in making a family time box, where you pick a time and room in your home where you will be "device free" and all the computers, phones, tablets, etc... go into the box and you spend time together connecting as a family. 

Another amazing resource that I love is the Family Link app where you can set time limits on devices, manage which apps their accessing, and help your children understand the amazing tools that devices can be for learning and discovering new information, while helping them learn skills of self regulation at the same time. 

Finally, if your family is anything like mine, TV has taken a backseat to YouTube when it comes to entertainment. I love that they have implemented take a break reminders and autoplay controls to help parents regulate this aspect of screen time for not only ourselves, but for our children as well. 

It's amazing to me that Google is a massive world wide brand that has their hand in many parts of the internet, and yet they see the value in this powerful tool being regulated in order to help all people live their best lives and be the best versions of themselves that they can be. These wellbeing.google efforts are so valuable in our increasingly digital world, and I'm grateful for the tips and knowledge that I've learned through this initiative to help my family thrive in this day and age. 

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