DIY Princess Carriage Wheelchair Costume

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One thing that I've wanted to do with Kinsley since we got her first wheelchair was to make her a sweet Boxtume, or a costume made from a box. I've seen so many amazing wheelchair costumes over the years, and figured I could easily make one out of some Amazon smile boxes and some craft supplies we had around our home. 

The busier life gets for us, the more I look for simple ways to get things done. I feel like I always have a million Amazon smile boxes hanging out around our garage from all the things I'm ordering from Prime with fast, free shipping, and figured Halloween was the perfect time to put all those boxes to good use. 

Kinsley wanted to be a princess for Halloween this year and decided that I could jazz up her wheelchair with a sweet Carriage Boxtume! This was seriously so easy to put together, and took no time at all! The best part was that everything attached easily to the wheelchair without any straps, tape, or glue, which means that I don't have to worry about potentially ruining her chair, and everything snaps on and off in about one minute flat! 

4 Large Amazon smile boxes
Blue Paint
White Paint
Foam Brushes
Purple Marker
Pink Ribbon
White Bows

Start by taking a wheel off of your wheelchair and sitting it on a box. Trace the inside circle of the wheel and then cut out the circle. Use the circle you just cut out to trace and cut another circle. These two pieces should easily pop right into the wheels when you're done cutting. 

Next you need to cut a large half circle carriage shape. I just freehanded this and then cut out a big window in the middle of it. Then, I took the shape I just cut out, and traced it to make another carriage window on the other side of the chair the same size as the first.

Once I cute everything out, I painted all of the pieces. Again, I did all of this free hand. I painted the lines on the wheels white, and then once the white paint was dried, I went ahead and painted the blue triangle pieces next. I then painted the big carriage pieces with dark blue paint. 

Once the paint was dried I took a purple marker and drew some loop de loop shapes all the way down the white lines and connected everything with a big circle in the middle of the wheels. 

I took some big white bows and tied them to the top and two sides of the carriage pieces, and then wove some big pink tulle through the bows to match her princess dress.

Once everything was done I simply wedged the carriage pieces down into her seat, and popped the wheel pieces into place, and I was finished!

What fun Boxtumes are you going to make this year with your Amazon smile boxes? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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