Three New Additions to Kinsley's Bedroom

We finished putting Kinsley's bedroom together about a month after we moved into our new house. And because the universe works the way it does, the second we were "done" putting it together, we wound up getting three new things that we really love unexpectedly. I thought it would be fun to share these items in a blog post, because they're all things I really love, and I think they deserve to be highlighted. 

Over the summer Heidi from Love Me Sparkle reached out to me to tell me all about her business making handmade dolls and tee pees, and that she donates 1 item from her shop to a child with special needs or medical diagnosis after every 10 sales. Someone had nominated Kinsley to be one of the children on the receiving end of these donations, and Heidi sent us this beautiful handmade tee pee. It is so well made and fits perfectly in Kinsley's room. She loves hiding and playing in there with her animals, and it's been really fun to see her crawling in and out of it, and hiding from Derek and I all the time. 

We're huge fans of these stuff animal bean bags in our house Kyle has a massive one in his bedroom, and Kinsley had one that was quite a bit smaller. We just upgraded her to this larger size one, and it fits all of her many animals perfectly. I know some people will say to purge animals, and to not buy a bigger bag to accommodate them all, but she has so many from different hospital visits and such, and each on really has a special meaning. Animals are always hard for me to part with, and I love that my kids love them too. 

Harkla was one of the companies that had donated a discount code to the Advocating Moms Conference, and reached out to see if I'd like to work with them on my blog. We've been long time fans of weighted blankets in our house, and when I saw they had a ton of affordable options on their website, I knew I had to try one to share with all of you! This blanket is so soft, and both of our kids love the minky fabric! They have blankets for kids and adults of every size. The kids blankets are weighted down with thick batting, and the adult sizes are weighed down with little tiny beads. 

These blankets are already crazy affordable, ranging from $79-$109 depending on the size you get, but you can also use code, "ABILITY-15-FALL-19" at checkout to get an additional 15% off! These will make an awesome Christmas gift this year! 

Have anything you've been loving in your home lately? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below! 

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