4 Ways To Prep For The Holidays

This post is sponsored by Wonderful Pistachios as part of an Influencer Activation and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. 

With the holiday season at our fingertips, people are buzzing around trying to get their homes ready for the busy weeks ahead. While we're not hosting any big holiday dinners this year, or out of town guests, there will surely be people that pop in unexpectedly for a visit here and there. Also in a season where some many things are coming into our home, there are a few things I like to do before the holidays get here to help our family be ready for any experience that comes our way. 

Keep the Kitchen Stocked with Food For Guests:
A majority of Derek and I's friends either grew up in Utah, or have family here in Utah that keep them coming back to visit during the holiday season, even if they don't currently live here. This means we often get surprise visits from friends, or very little notice as to when people are going to be in town to stop by. I love having easy to prepare foods on hands so that I can whip up a little snack tray in no time at all. 

One of my favorite seasonal items on a snack tray are Wonderful Pistachios. Wonderful Pistachios Roasted and Salted and Roasted No Salt varieties are must have items in our house because they're NON-GMO project verified, gluten free, and vegan with no added oil! They're a snack that most guest love eating without question, and is a fun treat I love to have on hand during the holidays!

Other fun additions to our snack trays that we like are a variety of meats, fruits, cheeses, crackers, dips, and berries! We just keep a variety of things on hand to fit everyones preferences! 

Pick A Family Service Project Before Things Get Too Busy:
We love to do a family service project each year during the holiday season. It looks different every year depending on what we can do. One year we donated Christmas to a family at church, another year we ding-dong-ditched Thanksgivings dinners, another year we donated toiletries to hurricane victims, you can be as creative as you'd like! 

I also love to take this time of year to support brands that are also giving back in their own unique ways! This season, Wonderful Pistachios, will be donating $.10/unit for Wonderful Pistachios Roasted & Salted and Wonderful Pistachios Roasted No Salt sold at Walmart up to $100k. The donations will benefit Toys for Tots, and the collection period will run from November 1 – December 24, 2019. So be sure to snag a few bags for stocking stuffers, holiday gatherings, and your boss at work to help them meet this goal! 

Declutter Your Home:
This is the time of year where so many things are coming into our homes, that we want to do what we can to keep the mess at bay! I love taking the time to quickly go through my entire home with a couple garbage bags, and get rid of the things we don't need! One bag is for stuff that is trash, and another bag for donations. You can go through your entire house quicker than you think, and once your home is in order, hosting guests and finding places for Christmas gifts will be so much less stressful! 

Be Mindful With Your Time:
Sometimes I feel this pressure to attend every party, to go to every community event, and to be everything for all the people in my life. I don't want to look back on the holidays when my children are grown and remember how stressful and busy they were. I want to look back and remember the intentional, joyful time I shared being present with my family. So while it's amazing to have a fun holiday season, carve out some time that is just for you and your family as well. This could easily be done by sitting on the couch, watching a movie, and enjoying a bowl of Wonderful Pistachios. 

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