Books for 7 Year Old Boys

Kyle is a compulsive reader. It really blows my mind because I was not that way growing up at all. Derek grew up reading, but the amount of books that Kyle reads likely puts Derek's childhood reading to shame. Reading was slow and steady for Kyle until he was about six, and then something clicked with him and he cannot get enough. I could never tell you how many books he's read in the last year, but I do know it has to be in the 100s. He'll bring home a stack of 7-8  chapter books from the library and read through all of them in a weekend. He also owns about 30-40 chapter books that he keeps in his room and reads through again and again  It's the most astonishing thing I've ever seen.

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All that being said, this kid knows his books, and has found quite a few series this last year that he really loves. We need to stick with series in this house since this kid goes through books so fast, it buys me time before I have to look into different titles for him. Here are seven series of book for 7 year old boys.

Books for 7 Year Old Boys:

Nate The Great: These books are about a kid named Nate who goes around town solving various mysteries. These books are the same length of early reader chapter books, but they're not actually broken up into chapters, and have some fun illustrations in them too. These would be great for kids who are just getting started with longer books. There are 27 books in the collection. Kyle hasn't read them all yet, but gets a good stack whenever we go to the library. 

Flat Stanley: This is a fun series about a boy who spontaneous turns flat at any given moment. There are many books in the collection, although I couldn't find an exact number, but there are numerous titles on amazon. Once Stanley is flat, he goes on all these adventures like getting mailed to California to visit a friend, Being small enough to save a girl from a collapsed building, and much more! These are really fun stories! 

The Magic Tree House: This is Kyle's all time favorite series! These books are about a brother and sister named Jack and Annie who travel through time to learn about different periods of time, and help an enchanted librarian named Morgan. I love that these have a lot of historical fiction in them, so Kyle has learned all about Egypt, American History, Ancient Rome, and so much more! Kyle has read the entire series, but we're really jazzed that two new books are getting released in 2020!

Merlin Missions: These are a continuation of the Magic Tree House Series and are geared towards older readers. There are 27 books in this series, and I believe Kyle has read through all of them as well. The major difference is slightly longer chapters, and a bit harder vocabulary, but the plot and premise is pretty much the same. 

Capital Mysteries: This is a 14 book series that has a nod to American History. I don't really know that there is anything historical being taught, but the premise is two children who go around Washington DC and historical landmarks solving various mysteries. I've only read one of them with Kyle, but he's read a bunch of the other ones, and really likes them! 

A To Z Mysteries: This series is new to Kyle, but he's been loving it so far. It's a 26 book series about two kids solving mysteries, and each book is a different theme based of the letter of the alphabet, The Canery Caper, Vampire Vacation, Zombie Zone, etc... 

Jigsaw Jones: These are another mystery book set geared towards early chapter book readers. The 32 Book series is about a boy named Jigsaw Jones finding himself in precarious situations and getting himself out of them and solving the underlying mystery of how things got out of wack in the first place. We've taken a few of these out of the library and are excited to read more and dive deeper into the series!

What books are your kids loving right now? We can always use more recommendations for the little book lover in our home!

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  1. These all sound great.. my eldest loved the Tree House series.. my youngest is currently enjoyed Ricky Ricotta's Might Robot series..

  2. My son loves the 13- Story Treehouse series! They're silly and fun.