Dark + Moody Home Office Inspiration

We're officially seven days out from moving into the new house and we just got word that due to covid-19, Derek won't be going back to work until at least March 2021. I wish I was making that up, but sadly I'm not. Apparently every-time someone in his office here in Utah gets the virus, the back-to-work date gets pushed back even further. So far three people from his office have gotten it, so we're looking at Derek working from home for a good long while. 

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How Many Rooms in the New House?
Luckily our new house has a lot of extra rooms that we weren't necessarily anticipating needing, but I'm now really glad we have them. I feel a little awkward admitting this, but our new house has six bedrooms. I get that's a lot of space for only four people, but with everything how it is right now, we actually have intended use for each of the rooms. Master bedroom, Kinsley's bedroom, Kyle's bedroom, home office, music/playroom, and then a guest bedroom. We're really grateful to have the space and to be able to spread out this way. 

Where to Put a Home Office?
Okay, back to the home office. This room will be down in the basement, away from where the kids and I will be playing most days, so that Derek can hopefully have peace and quiet while working and not be bothered by the rest of us. I gave Derek two inspiration images for this office. One was dark and moody, and the other was white and bright. He chose the dark and moody, and I was so excited to put together a space that was out of the norm from what we've done in the past. 

High Quality Home Office Furniture:
We're lucky enough to be working with songmics.com who will be sending us the bookshelf and desk for this space. We're really thankful to be working with them and it's a collaboration that's been in the making for a few months now, so it's fun to finally see it coming full circle! 

Derek already has a chair from his office at work, which he can luckily bring to the new house until he needs to bring it back-to-work in March. It's the same style as the one in the picture above.

I've also really loved the idea of having a chair and ottoman in a home office space, and if the kids ever go back to school full-time in the fall, it will be nice for me to sit there and get work done while the kids are at school. Wishful thinking yes, but if I manifest it, it will happen right? 

Decor Ideas for a Modern Home Office Space:
The rest of the pieces in this space are mostly aesthetic. We already have a fiddle leaf fig plant, so it's new home when we move will be down in this office. I found this new plant stand for it at Walmart for only $30, and I love the look of it with the wooden base and ceramic pot together. 

The set of three mountain prints I found on Esty as a digital download for only $7. I'll get them printed at our local Staples or Fedex and then find some inexpensive frames at Target or Ikea and the space will be complete. I'm sure there are little odds and ends and decor that we'll either shop from existing things we already have, or pick-up at Home Goods or Ross when we get to the finishing touches phase, but for now, this is what we're going with. 

Renovation  Plans For the Home Office:
There aren't too many things to change in this space. We are planning on painting the walls a dark navy color (Naval by Sherwin Williams), and then possibly replacing the baseboards to have them match the upstairs of the home. The office does have carpeting that we may take out and replace with a laminate wood look flooring, but that will depend on budget and things when we get to that point. We don't want to do anything too permanent that we might want to change later in this space because we hope that Derek will eventually go back to work some day, and then this space can be another guest bedroom or something else if we get to a point where we don't need it as an office space.

I can't wait to get into our new home and share these spaces with you! Follow along on instagram @thehappyflammily to see all of this come to life in real time!

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