Our New Home Tour Video

We got to head over to our new house today to drop off some odds and ends that don't really pack well into boxes. While we were there I decided to make a small low-quality video to share the new house with you. We really don't plan on doing a lot of renovations to this space, but I think fresh paint and inexpensive details like that will go a long way to make it home. 

Since we are spending just about every penny we've made for the last three months to get into this house, we won't be doing anything major anytime soon, but it's always nice to think up and plan some new projects, even if you won't be getting to them right away. I'm excited for our family to thrive in this home and for all the adventures we'll have while we're here. 

This is the home Kinsley will recover from SDR surgery in, and where she'll likely take her very first independent steps. The home where Kyle will be able to run around, have friends over, and just be a kid. When we were over there today dropping things off, Kyle rode his bike with a couple friends up and down the street and it made my heart beat in all the best ways possible. With all that being said, welcome to our new home.

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