Caring for Sensitive Gums and Teeth

Oral health and dentistry has always been an interest to me from a young age. Growing up going to the dentist was one of my very favorite things, and sometime between graduating high school, and going to collegeI became a licensed dental assistant. Here's a little peak into what I personally do to care for my sensitive gums and teeth.

caring for sensitive gums and teeth

Caring for Sensitive Gums and Teeth:

As I've gotten older I feel like my oral health routine has evolved beyond making sure I brush twice a day, to focusing a lot more on gum health and prolonging the longevity of my teeth and oral health. Within the last year I've noticed signs of gum sensitivity, so I've been hyper vigilant with keeping them as healthy as possible with three simple steps. 

caring for sensitive gums and teeth

Using a High Quality Mouthwash: 

Up until a few months ago I almost never used a mouthwash in my oral care routine. However, I started having problems with food getting caught in the gums of my back molars which would cause them to become inflamed and get very sensitive. Since this started happening, I now make a huge effort to use a mouthwash for sensitive teeth, like this one from Listeriene, and swish hard after dinner each evening. I also floss at this point in the day as well, but I find vigorously swishing mouthwash often times gets some debris that flossing leaves behind and really helps my gums to feel better. 

caring for sensitive gums and teeth

Not Brushing My Teeth So Hard

I noticed for several weeks that my gums were super sensitive, and when talking with another friend in the dental field we'd concluded that I was brushing way too hard. While I love brushing my teeth several times a day, I've been super mindful the last several weeks to be soft and not "scrub" at my teeth with my toothbrush. I've noticed less pain and sensitivity over the last week and I think the combination of LISTERINE® Gum Therapy Antiseptic Mouthwash, and being more mindful of my brushing is really working well together to get my mouth feeling better. 

caring for sensitive gums and teeth

Flossing Everyday: 

Like I mentioned previously, I have to keep up on flossing to help my gums to not hurt. Sometimes food just getting stuck in them causes me a lot of pain, especially if it's something like meat or popcorn kernals that can really wedge deep between the teeth. Flossing after dinnertime has really helped to keep inflammation at bay and help my gums to recover from heightened episodes of sensitivity that I might experience. 

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