8 Fun Summer Bucket List Ideas

Summer is right around the corner, so now is the time to start coming up with all the best fun summer bucket list ideas. This list is great for kids of any age, and can be easily adapted to fit you and your family's needs. Here are some of the things we're hoping to do this summer! 

Summer bucket list ideas


We love camping as a family and try to do it at least once per year. Typically our church congregation does a campout every June, and it's a great way to put this on the calendar and plan for it to happen. We love getting to hangout with all our favorite neighbors and friends, and it's become a family tradition that everyone looks forward to doing each year. 


There are so many great hiking trails in Utah, even for people with disabilities, which means we can always bring Kinsley whenever we go! We love getting outside and being in nature. Plan some hikes in your local community and make a plan to go a couple times a month. Your kids will love it, and you can even convince yourself you're an outdoor person, even if you don't think you are right now! 

Summer bucket list ideas

Sign up for a Race: 

I love running, especially in the summertime. Yes it's hot and I hate the heat, but that's half the fun and challenge for me. A lot of the towns in Utah have special themed weeks in the summer, and they almost always have a 5k race at the end of each of these weeks. I love signing up for these small community events and seeing how well I can progress with my 5k time throughout the summer. 

Go to the Beach:

Living in Utah means that we don't exactly have a close route to the ocean. But we do have tons of lake and reservoirs  that we love exploring. If you're not a beach snob and are totally able to settle for a lake, this is a fun summer outing that everyone will LOVE! Some of the best memories we've made as a family have been at our local reservoir. 

Go to a Theme Park:

We have a great theme park in Utah called Lagoon and we always try to make an effort to take the kids once per summer. Derek's job used to rent out the entire park for a day each fall which means we never had to pay to go. We don't have that luxury anymore so we're going to have to put it on the calendar ourselves and make an effort to do it this summer. 

Summer bucket list ideas

Hit Up The Waterpark:

There are so many fun waterparks where we live and we haven't been to most of them! We're really hoping to spend the day at one of them this summer. If you're looking for a list of good waterparks in Utah:

Tube The River:

There are a few great rivers near us that we've floated in the past. This is a great and fun family activity that we love to do together! We love the Provo River in Utah County, but also love the quick getaway to Weber Memorial Park in Ogden Canyon. 

Read A New Book Series:

I love picking a new book series to read with the kids each summer. We've done The Magic Treehouse, Boxcar Children, all the Rolad Dahl books, and this summer we're working our way through The Chronicles of Narnia. It's been so fun and it's a great way to bring the family together at the end of each day. 

Summer bucket list ideas

Visit a New Museum:

There are so many fun and random museums that you've likely never been to before. Take a day to explore the history around you and bring the kids along too. These typically aren't super expensive and you can all learn something new visiting somewhere you've never been before. 

What are some of your own Summer Bucket List Ideas? I would love to hear about them in the comments below! 

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