VW Slug Bug Ranch, Conway Texas

The VW Slug Bug Ranch is a great pitstop to make if you're driving through the middle of Texas and need a place to stop, stretch your legs, and see something fun. 

VW Slug Bug Ranch

VW Slug Bug Ranch:

The VW Slug Bug Ranch is a compilation of about five VW Beatles that have been painted by local artists and are dug upside down in the dirt on the side of the road. If you're traveling with kids, a car enthusiast, or someone who happens to love Beatles, this is the stop for you. Our daughter happens to love VW Beatles, so when we saw that this location existed when we were mapping out our road trip from Utah to Texas, we knew it was something we needed to add to our trip.

Where is VW Slug Bug Ranch Located? 

There is no official address for this pit stop that you can plug into your GPS, but if you search "VW slug Bug Ranch" in your google maps app, the coordinates have been put in and it will get you there. It is east on I-40 past Amarillo, located just minutes off the highway along the frontage road. There are no signs for the ranch, and it's unclear if it's actually owned by anyone and if anyone owns the property, but you cannot miss it as you're driving down the road.

VW Slug Bug Ranch

History of VW Slug Bug Ranch:

It is unclear who painted these cars, who put them in the ground, and what the actual story is. However, just west of this site is "Cadillac Ranch", which is a more popular tourist attraction that gets many more visitors each year, and is essentially the same thing as this, but with Cadillacs. All the cars are dug into the ground at a 45ยบ angle and painted with many different colors. It is assumed that the VW installation was made after the original Cadillac location and that this is the smaller, lesser version of that attraction. 

Parking and Accessibility at VW Slug Bug Ranch:

There is not a lot of parking available to view the ranch, but there is a dirt lot just slightly to the east, or you could park along the frontage road in front of it. There was literally not a single other visitor at the site when we were there, so parking should not be an issue. The path to the installation was clear, so if you needed to bring a wheelchair or a stroller down to the site you definitely could. 

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