5 Things to Do at Four Corners Monument

There are several things to do at Four Corners Monument if you're planning on heading over during a road trip to or from one of the National Parks. It's a fun site to visit with many shops, hiking trails, and of course, the Four Corners Monument. 

Things to Do at Four Corners Monument

Things to Do at Four Corners Monument:

There are a lot of things to do at the Four Corners Monument aside from just seeing the monument itself. While it is a bit of a tourist trap, it is a fun stop to make on your way to one of the National Parks while you're on a family vacation. If you're going to be in the area, you can plan on doing these five things while you're there. 

The Four Corners Monument:

This is a bit of a given, but you obviously must see the monument while you're there. Admission is $8 per person which honestly is pretty expensive for what you're getting, but I try to remember you're supporting the employees that work there and it helps me sleep a little better. 

The monument for the record is actually not in the right exact spot where the four corners actually meet, which made me feel very jaded on our visit. You're welcome for now feeling jaded about it too. The actual spot where the four states meet is actually 1800 feet to the west. Just a heads up. 

If it is busy when you get there, everyone typically lines up in lines and each family gets 10 seconds standing on the circle, long enough to take a group picture standing in the spot, and then you get booted out and it's the next family's turn. If it isn''t busy you can enjoy standing in the center for as long as you please.

Bathrooms at Four Corners Monument:

This is not the most thrilling activity but when you're on a long road trip it is nice to know you can plan on there being a bathroom when you might need one. I don't remember the exact condition of the bathroom, but it was there to get the job done that needed to be done. 

Food Trucks at the Four Corners:

There were a few food trucks there the day that we went. They were selling native foods, and I specifically remember there being one selling Navajo Tacos. I don't know if the food trucks are always there, but you might be able to grab a meal while you stop. 

Vendor Booths at Four Corners Monument:

There were a lot of Native vendors when we were there selling shirts, stickers, and different types of jewelry. A lot of them were accepting cash only when we were there which we weren't really prepared for, but I would plan on bringing some cash if you'd like to purchase some souvenirs.

Hiking Trails Near Four Corners Monument:

When we were done with our 10 seconds of fame at the monument we walked passed all the shops and headed over to where you can see the mountains. There are a few hiking trails o f various lengths with signs posted when you get down there. Some of them looked like they might be able to accommodate a stroller but our kids weren't really jazzed to do it so we didn't hike while we were there. 

These are all the things to do at Four Corners Monument. If there is something that I missed, be sure to let me know in the comments below. 

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