Miss Fong Diaper Bag Review (unsponsored)

I've been obsessed with my Miss Fong Diaper Bag for over six years now. If you're looking for an unbiased Miss Fong Diaper Bag Review, you've come to the right place.

Miss Fong Diaper Bag Review

Miss Fong Diaper Bag Review:

I got my Miss Fong Diaper Bag back in 2017. Back then I actually needed it as a diaper bag since I had two small children and was constantly carrying diapers, wipes, and everything else that you can imagine that would go into a diaper bag. 

I originally purchased this bag after wanting a Fawn Design bag for years and never wanting to spend the money on the higher price tag. This bag was $45 (at the time I bought it) compared to over $150 for the other bag, and after seeing some positive reviews, I decided to give it a try. 

I have never regretted my decision about purchasing this bag. Even now where my life is much different than it was six years ago, and I'm very much out of the baby and diaper phase, I use this bag all the time. Whenever I need to bring a lot of things to and from church, or if I need to bring my laptop somewhere, or I'm going to an all day work event, this is the bag that I reach for time and again.

Miss Fong Diaper Bag Has Hands Free Design:

The thing I love most about this diaper bag is the hands free design. I love that the backpack style means it can go right on your back and you don't need to worry about it falling off when you go to pick up your child, or grab something off the floor, it stays in place and you never have to think twice about it. 

I have had this bag filled to the brim and I love that it never feels uncomfortable on your shoulders, even when you have it packed with a ton of items. I think it's really well designed and is very ergonomic for moms on the go. 

Miss Fong Diaper Bag Review

Miss Fong Diaper Bag Accessories:

The Miss Fong Diaper Bag comes with one large should strap in case you want to carry it as a cross body (I personally feel like this would be awkward but you have the option!), two stroller straps so you can hook it onto your stroller if needed, and a changing pad so you can change your baby on the go. I honestly don't think I ever used any of the accessories, but they're nice to have as options if that is important to you. 

Fawn Design Diaper Bag vs Miss Fong:

There are a few key differences between these two diaper bags. Obviously the Miss Fong bag is a dupe for the Fawn Design bag, so I'll try to highlight what the key differences are:
  • Fawn Design is faux leather, Miss Fong is also faux leather
  • Fawn Design is 13x13 inches, Miss Fong is 12x12.5 inches
  • Fawn Design charges $89 for straps and accessories, Miss Fong is included
  • Fawn Design is $149.99 at the time of writing, Miss Fong is $59.99
  • Fawn Design comes in 6 colors, Miss Fong comes in 13 colors
  • Fawn Design and Miss Fong are both made in China, although Fawn Design claims to be ethically made, and I don't see such claims from Miss Fong. 

Miss Fong Diaper Bag Review

Overall, I love my Miss Fong Diaper Bag. I purchased it for $45 when we were in a much different financial situation many years ago, and there was just no way I was going to be able to afford a Fawn Design bag. It has held up really well, and you would never guess it was six years old just by looking at it. I do recognize that this bag is basically a direct copy of Fawn Design, and that is something that I wrestle with a bit, but if you're tight on money, and also want an excellent diaper bag, I really cannot recommend Miss Fong enough. 

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  1. I was reading along this post and then totally surprised to see my name pop up. Especially because I don't know the owners of Miss Fong. 😂

    Now I'm so curious who Landen was thinking of! Maybe Sage & Harper?

  2. This backpack is adorable! The backpack I bought myself for Ireland is the one I plan on using as a diaper bag because it is nice to be hands free! I love how happy you have looked since your move to Utah :)