5 Kid Halloween Party Activities: Easy and Inexpensive!

If you're throwing a Halloween party this fall with some of your children's classmates, these kid Halloween party activities are super easy and inexpensive to execute, and will result in a fun small party the kids will love and remember.

Kid Halloween Party Activities

Kid Halloween Party Activities:

I'm not one for getting too fancy with parties and making anything super extravagant, but this party was so easy to put together literally anyone could do it. A tray of Halloween candy from Amazon, some Halloween themed snacks from the grocery store, and and a few Halloween party activities made this party super easy to throw together.

If you're planning a party this fall and need some Halloween party activities for the occasion, I've got you covered with five easy Halloween party activities you can do with minimal prep work on your end.

Five Easy Kid Halloween Party Activities:

A Halloween Snack Time:

If you're looking to kill time at a party until parents get back, never underestimate the power of a nice long snack time. Turns out kids love to eat. For this party we served some basic snacks all kids like: pretzels, veggie straws, and crackers. Then I bought a tray of Halloween candy on Amazon which was super festive and almost no work on my end. I finished things off with some Halloween themed Kool-Aid, and Dollar Tree plates and napkins and our Halloween snack time was complete.

Kid Halloween Party Activities

Halloween Themed Painting Kits:

I found these wooden Halloween painting kits at the craft store for about 75 cents and purchased one for each of the kids at the party. I've also seen them at Dollar Tree and Target, so keep an eye out and you're sure to find them. The idea of having seven kids painting in my house all at once was a little nerve wracking, but it honestly wasn't that bad and they all loved getting to paint their craft!

Kid Halloween Party Activities

Halloween Bingo:

This is my go-to for basically any Halloween party. Class party: bingo. House party: bingo. Family party... you get the idea. I love these free Halloween Bingo Printables from Crazy Little Projects, and have used them several times over the years! We used the candy from the candy tray as our markers, which made it all the more fun for our participants!

Kid Halloween Party Activities:

Pin the Bat on the Web:

One of our Halloween traditions is making a big spider web on the wall of our house. I do this using black painters tape and it's super easy to put together. For a full tutorial, you can see this Halloween Tablescape blog post. For this game I traced and cut out black bats with construction paper, wrote each child's name on the bat, and then they got to put a blindfold on, spin around, and see how close to the center of the web they could get their bat.

Kid Halloween Party Activities

Halloween Coloring Pages:

I made these Halloween coloring pages a couple years ago and they've always been a top ranking post on my blog. Print them out before the party, and grab a box of crayons, and the kids can work on these while they're waiting for the other guests to arrive. Super easy activity with basically no prep!

These are all my best tips and tricks when putting together a fun little Halloween party for kids. If you have more ideas, I'd love to hear them in the comments below.

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