Robert W Willaford Railroad Museum Review

If you're in the Plant City, Florida area and are looking for a review on the Robert W Willaford Railroad Museum, this information will provide you with everything you need to know before heading out on this adventure for the day.

Robert W Willaford Railroad Museum

Robert W Willaford Railroad Museum:

The Robert W Willaford Museum is located just a little ways outside of Tampa in Plain City, Florida. The kids and I visited a couple years ago when we were staying in Florida for a month on vacation. There isn't a lot to see and do at this museum, but if you're looking for something fun to do during a weekday afternoon with kids, this is a great little place to take your kids and get out of the house. 

Robert W Willaford Railroad Museum

Cost and Hours:

One major perk to the Robert W Willaford Railroad Museum is that it is free admission. So even though it's not a very large museum, you're not out anything by visiting. The museum is open daily from 12-4pm, but is closed on Sunday and Monday. The train that is located in the historic depot outside of the museum is open 7 days a week, and people are free to visit that anytime. The hours are specific to the building itself. 

Robert W Willaford Railroad Museum

What to do at the Willaford Railroad Museum:

There are a few cases inside the museum that highlight historic railroad artifacts. It's about 1-2 rooms inside an old historic building. There honestly is not a lot to do inside, but your children may enjoy walking around for 5-10 minutes before heading outside to see the train. 

The train outside is fun for kids to climb on and look around. The one downside for us was that the entire museum was not super wheelchair accessible which meant that there was even less for my daughter to do who is a wheelchair user. 

Robert W Willaford Railroad Museum

Overall Thoughts:

If we were in Florida again on vacation, I would not go out of my way to come here again, but if we lived locally and wanted something to do on an afternoon where we didn't have much else going on, this would be a fun stop for the day if you have kids under 7. 

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