Small Tween Girl Bedroom Tour

If you have a daughter in a small bedroom and are looking for a small tween girl bedroom design and layout, hopefully this will help you style everything you need in a small and compact space! 

Small Tween Girl Bedroom

Small Tween Girl Bedroom Layout:

Our home has five bedrooms. Two are upstairs on the main floor, and the other three are down in our basement. Our daughter has the other bedroom upstairs that is right across from our primary bedroom. The problem with this space is that it's a small 10x10 square, and our daughter is a wheelchair user. 

It was so hard to find the right layout that accommodated everything she needed to be in the room, like her bed and dresser, and a bookshelf for toys, while also having enough room for her to get around and do what she needs to do. 

I think we struck a great balance in the end, and I love how white and bright this room turned out, and that it can grow with her for many years to come. 

Small Tween Girl Bedroom

Small Tween Girl Bedroom

Furniture for a Small Tween Girl Bedroom:

For this bedroom we knew that we needed a dresser, twin size bed, and a bookshelf to be in the room. We've been using this small three drawer dresser from Ikea for over five years now and it's been wonderful and still looks brand new! It's seriously a hidden gem from Ikea that no one talks about. 

Kinsley has also had this same bed for about five years now as well. It used to be white and we decided t o spray paint it gold when we were redoing her room this fall and I love the elevated and sophisticated look that it gives to the space. It seriously ties the entire room together. 

Lastly we have this bookshelf on the wall opposite of her bed. It's low to the ground which means she can reach everything on it really easily. I love that it can store all of her books, but it also has drawers to stash some toys and knick-knacks as well. 

Small Tween Girl Bedroom

Small Tween Girl Bedroom

Small Tween Girl Bedroom Decor:

For decor for Kinsley's room we opted to keep it fairly minimal but wanted to add a few fun elements. These curtains were for sure a standout and definitely make the entire room in my opinion. They were very inexpensive on Amazon and I think really help to anchor the space. 

We bought some new throw pillows from Target for her bed, along with a new floral printed Minky Blanket to go on top of her Beddy's bedding that she already had. I think they all work really well together in the space and add a variety of colors to an otherwise very white room. 

Above her bed we have some artwork made by friends and family before she was born, and then over on her dresser she has a lot of the same decor that she has had since we did this room reveal several years ago. 

We really tried to keep a lot of the same element that we already owned, and just added a few details here and there to really make it a new space for Kinsley now that she's getting older. 

Small Tween Girl Bedroom

Small Tween Girl Bedroom

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