Homeschool Room Organization (Pinterest Worthy on a Budget!)

If you have a smaller space and are on a tight budget, these tips for homeschool room organization should be practical and effective enough to help you get your space in order! 

Homeschool Room Organization

Homeschool Room Organization:

When we knew that we were going to be homeschooling our oldest this year, it was important for me to have a room that we could both work well in and that was organized well enough to be functional. The room we're using is also our playroom, so we needed to be able to store all the toys, fit a desk big enough for two people, and make the space feel inviting without being cluttered. It was a tall order to ask for, but I think we struck the balance we were looking for and still managed to do it on a budget. 

Ikea Kallax Shelf:

We have had some variation of this shelf in literally every home we've owned. We had the 4x4 version in our playroom in Georgia, and then for the last six years, we've had a knockoff 3x4 version that we purchased on Amazon. Three moves later and our Amazon knockoff was falling apart, and it was time to replace it with a new one. 

Homeschool Room Organization

I love this oak-toned one that Ikea now sells, and it fits our space perfectly when positioned vertically in this corner. We keep all our picture books (which we admittedly don't read at all anymore now that the kids are older and they mostly read their library books that they keep in their bedrooms), on the top row. On the second row in the first cubby, we keep all of Kyle's curriculum. 

Homeschool Room Organization

Then in the next two sections, we have toys stored in these shoe-sized containers from Target. In the third row, we have more toys stored in more Target containers. Lastly, the fourth row is just some dress-up toys and random things that we have stored in these gray bins we purchased from Amazon many moons ago. 

Ikea Lagkapten Aldis Table:

For our workspace, I purchased this 78in Lagkapten/Aldis table from Ikea. It fits along this wall perfectly, and it was honestly the cheapest super long desk I could find on the internet. It was $125 at my local Ikea, which was a great deal considering anything else online for the same length was at least $200. I love the minimal look of this table, that it fits our space perfectly, and that it gives Kyle and me enough room to work side-by-side without actually touching each other. Mom needs her space. 

Homeschool Room Organization

Homeschool Room Organization

Ikea Skadis Peg Board System:

Because we went with a desk that has no storage in the desk we monopolized on vertical space by using these Ikea Skadis Peg Board Systems. We purchased each board individually and then bought all the accessories to clip onto the boards. We are using the 22x22 wood-toned Skadis board in our space, but they have lots of colors and sizes to choose from.

Homeschool Room Organization

Just an FYI all the pieces come with hooks on the back of them that fit into the peg board out of the box, you do not need to purchase the hooks separately, learn from my mistakes. We used this long tray to hold any chargers, scissors, and things we'd reach for on a regular basis. Then we used these containers with white lids to hold all of our pens, markers, crayons, etc... 

Homeschool Room Organization

Those containers are actually meant to have the lid on top and then you slide the bucket out from underneath the lid, as shown in the picture on the website. I did not realize that and thought they could be used as an open bin. I didn't want to return them so I used double-sided gorilla glue tape that we had on hand to tape the bottom of the bin to the top of the lid, and then hooked them onto the pegboard. To save yourself this headache, and save yourself some money, just buy these bins instead. 

Lastly, we used these little clips to hang Kyle's daily school schedule, and then I used one to just hang a little quote onto my pegboard. They're the perfect size and honestly make the peg boards look so cute. 

Closet Storage:

This room has a closet that we use to store all of our board games. On the floor of the closet we have a busted Rubbermaid 3-drawer system that we've had for way longer than we should. In the drawers we just have some craft supplies, paper, and a few coloring books and that's about it. 

Homeschool Room Organization

This is how we organized our homeschool room for this school year. Hopefully this gave you some ideas of easy things you can do in your own home on a budget. 

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