Affordable Skiing Clothes for Kids

With the winter months upon us, you might be in the market for affordable skiing clothes for kids. If you have plans to get your kids out on the mountain this year check out these items before you hit the slopes.

Skiing Clothes for Kids

Affordable Skiing Clothes for Kids:

If you're interested in getting your kids skiing this winter, but are overwhelmed by all the equipment they need, the cost of gear, and the anxiety of replacing things year after year as your child grows, you can relax some of your anxieties with the ski clothes for kids guide. 

Tips for Purchasing Ski Clothes for Kids:

  • Buy your coat a size bigger than you think. Our son has literally been wearing the same ski coat since second grade and has yet to grow out of it and it's held up year after year. If their clothes are big you can layer them with an extra hoodie.
  • Mittens, neck gators, helmets, and goggles are usually a one time purchase that can be reused each year. We've yet to lose anything on the mountain.
  • Snow pants can also be bought a size big. If you get the bib style that has adjustable should straps they can grow with your child year after year. Kyle is on his 3rd year in the same pants with no signs of outgrowing them yet. 
  • Mittens are superior to gloves and will keep your kid's hands warmer. Willing to fight anyone on this.

The Best Affordable Ski Purchases:

These are all items that we have paid for with our own money that have worked really well for our children. These products have lasted us multiple seasons (the only exception being the heated vest and gloves we bought specifically for our daughter this year) and I think they're all great! Hopefully these will be great pieces for your family as well. 

Kid's Ski Jacket:

Kyle and Kinsley each have the boy and girl version of this jacket and it's been an awesome purchase. Kyle has had his for multiple seasons and this is Kinsley's first year with hers but I trust that it keeps them warm, especially since we almost always wear a hoodie too. The quality is excellent and I have no regrets with this purchase. 

The Best Ski Mittens:

I am passionate about mittens when it comes to skiing because they keep your kid's hands so much warmer than gloves. We bought these for Kyle last year (in blue and it looks like that is not a color option anymore) and they were perfect for many cold days up on the mountain. I love that the sleeve of the glove is long to fit over a jacket. They also have clips so you don't lose them if your hands get hot. 

Ski Goggles for Kids:

These ski goggles are very affordable at 2 for under $15. They're great for the kids and have surprisingly lasted a few seasons for how inexpensive they were. They have a few different color options (like these rainbow ones!) that I'm sure most kids would LOVE. 

Heated Ski Vest:

This was a new purchase for us this year. This will be the first year our daughter has skied with us. She has a rare brain condition called holoprosencephaly, and one of her things is that she gets sick really easily. We got this to layer under her jacket to keep her warmer and hopefully prevent further illness. It's definitely a splurge but worth it if you have a child in a similar situation.

Kid's Winter Face Mask:

Our kids love wearing neck gators out in the snow but they often get hard to manage with ski helmets and things getting bunched up. We bought these face masks so that the helmets can slide right over the top and we don't have to worry about awkward bunching fabric and can keep everyone warm.

Best Affordable Ski Helmet for Kids:

This is our third year using this helmet with Kyle and it has been awesome. Thankfully he's never fallen hard enough to actually need his head protected but it does have an adjustable dial to grow with his head, it fits nice and snug, and comes in several different colors to match your child's ski apparel. 

Quality Kid's Snow Pants:

This is Kyle's third year using these ski pants and they still fit and look great! They have adjustable straps on the shoulders so if he grew we could loosen the straps and they'd still work. We're going to order a pair for Kinsley this year too! If your shopping for snow pants, get the ones with the straps so they can grow with your child over multiple seasons!

Wool Socks for Kids:

These wool socks come in a two pack for less than $14 and will keep your kids feet super cozy for a day of skiing. We gave the bunny ones to Kinsley and the panda ones to Kyle and they were perfect for both of our kiddos. 

Heated Ski Mittens:

These were also a splurge for our daughter. She might not end up needing them but we thought it might be worth it since temps can easily get below freezing on the mountain we go to and we want to be as prepared as possible for what she will need, although we realize that this is not a practical purchase for most children. 

These are all my best tips and tricks for affordable skiing clothes for kids. If you have other products you love let me know in the comments below so others can learn too!

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