Hiya vs Llama Naturals: Which is Better?

If you're in the market for a multivitamin for your child and are looking for the core difference in Hyia vs Llama Naturals, here are several things to consider when you're looking to make this purchase. 

Hiya vs Llama Naturals

Hiya vs Llama Naturals: Which One?

There are some major considerations to take into account when purchasing a vitamin for your child. Some things I look for are: are there added sugars? Where do those sugars come from? What is the taste like? Are the ingredients organic? And most importantly, will my child actually eat this. From my perspective there are major differences between Hiya vs Llama Naturals and I think those differences are worth talking about. 

Best Organic Kid Gummy Vitamin:

A commonality between Hiya Vs Llama Naturals is that they're both organic products. This means that the ingredients were not grown with pesticides and there are no unnatural additives or fillers used in the creation of these products. As a mom this is important to me because I want my kids to get the nutrients they need without fillers. 

Let's be honest, they're getting plenty of chemicals and additives in their regular diet, so when it comes to their vitamins I want them to be a pure as possible. We're all about balance over here. 

Hiya vs Llama Naturals

Texture of Hiya vs Llama Naturals:

The most obvious difference between these two brands is the texture of the vitamin themselves. Hiya vitamins are a chewable tables where Llama Naturals are a gummy vitamin. For our family I know that I cannot get my child to eat a chewable tablet and so going with a gummy option is a much better fit for our family. If your kids are not picky with texture this might not be a big deal for you. 

Taste Comparison of Hiya and Llama Naturals:

Hiya vitamins are very similar to the classic Flinstone vitamins from every 90s childhood. The Llama Naturals vitamins are much more like a gummy or a fruit snack. My kids tend to do better with the taste of the Llama Natural vitamins better overall because the taste and texture of the Hiya are a little too much for them.

Hiya vs Llama Naturals

Sugars in Hiya and Llama Naturals:

Llama Naturals and Hiya actually both have similar ingredients when you look at the labels. Hiya boats in their marketing that they have 0 grams of sugar in their product which is true, but when you look at the ingredients the things that make them taste sweet (organic fruit juices) are the same in both products. So how does one product have 0g of sugar and the other has 4? 

Hiya vitamins would have to go through extra processing to remove the sugar from the organic fruits that they use in their products meaning that they're actually taking the natural product further away from its original state. 

Llama Naturals has 3g of sugar in the serving for 2-3year olds, and 5 gams of sugar in the serving for older children. To me the key here is that those sugars are coming naturally from the organic fruits they're using in their products. Also I know a lot of parents boast about 0 grams of sugar, but the reality is that 3 or 5 grams of sugar is not going to make a life altering impact in your child's diet. 

In my opinion, if your child is going to eat a gummy vitamin that has 5 grams of sugar, or throw a fit everyday because they have to eat one they don't like, don't sweat it and just give them the vitamin they'll willingly consume. 

Price Comparison:

Hiya vitamins original price are $30 per bottle while Llama Naturals are $24.99 per bottle. You can also get an additional 20% off your purchase of Llama Naturals when you use code HEYPAIGEFLAMM at checkout. 

Hiya's website is showing a 50% off sale right now. So if you bought one bottle at $15 and then another at $30 the following month, two months of product would cost $45. If you use my discount code to purchase two bottles of Llama Naturals you would spend $40. So Llama Naturals wins in the price comparison as well. 

Hiya vs Llama Naturals

The Winner for Our Family:

The winner in our family is hands down Llama Naturals. My kids like the taste better, they're more cost effective, they're less processed, and the 3-5 grams of sugar are not going to keep me up at night. I also know that people are going to scream about cavities, but to this point my kids have each never had one, and as a former dental assistant, it's also something that I'm not losing sleep over. 

If you want to try Llama Naturals as well, remember to use code HEYPAIGEFLAMM for 20% off at checkout. 

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