Best Pajamas for Kids: Fun Prints, Super Soft, and Best Price!

If you're looking for the best pajamas for kids that are super soft, have fun prints, and that your kids will reach for each night at bedtime, these new pajamas will be their new go-to in their rotation again and again. 

Best Pajamas for Kids

The Best Pajamas for Kids: 

My kids are very picky when it comes to pajamas, and frankly, so am I. So often kids' pajamas that you get from major retailers feel more scratchy than soft, they pill easily, and they kind of become a matted mess when they come out of the dryer. I'm sure I'm not the only parent that has experienced this at some point or another. 

Back in October, we were sent some new pajamas by Kloudy Kids (Paige15 gets you 15% off!) and we have fallen in love with their pajamas, their brand, and their entire company ever since. 

Best Pajamas for Kids

Super Soft Kids Bamboo Pajamas:

What sets these pajamas apart from the rest is the incredibly soft bamboo fabric that they're made with. It's hard to describe but if butter was a fabric, these pajamas would be it. They're super soft and stretchy, feel amazing while being worn, and hold their shape so well wear after wear. 

I am not a parent who can be super bothered with detailed washing instructions and even with me carelessly throwing these into the washer and dryer with no regard for what the instructions say, they have held up so well wash after wash and after months of wear, they still look completely brand new. They're still as soft as the day we bought them, fabric softener not required. 

Best Pajamas for Kids

Cute Seasonal Pajamas:

Kloudy Kids has cute seasonal pajamas for every holiday throughout the year. If you follow them on Instagram you can see when their launches are happening and get your hands on their latest print for whatever holiday is coming up. 

We have the milk and cookie design from their initial launch, and their Valentine's collection, but they had a Christmas collection, St. Patrick's Day, and I may have insider knowledge that Easter is coming up as well. 

They also have a charity collection launching next week to help raise money for childhood cancer. I love a business that aims to give back, and I happen to know from firsthand experience that the owners behind Kloudy Kids are as kind in person as they are online. 

Best Pajamas for Kids

Kloudy Kids Discount Code:

If you're wanting to try Kloudy Kids Pajamas for yourself, you can use my code, Paige15 for 15% off your entire purchase. Their pajamas are already priced well, and my discount code makes them an even better value than they are already. 

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