9 Modern St. Patrick's Day Kitchen Towels

If you're in the market for St. Patrick's Day kitchen towels, these nine prints are super fun, modern, and will make a great impact in your kitchen throughout the month of March.

St. Patrick's Day Kitchen Towels 

St. Patrick's Day Kitchen Towels

I love celebrating the small holidays with my family and making the days feel a little more special. Especially during the winter months before spring gets here when it can start to feel like groundhog's day when we're doing the same things over and over and not spending much time outside.

I love to shop for a few seasonal items for each holiday, and towels for the kitchen are an easy decorative touch to elevate that space in your home for St. Patricks Day.

My Favorite Place for St. Patrick's Towels

I love to purchase my season specific towels from Geometry. They're my go-to brand when shopping for well designed holiday towels for my kitchen. I know I won't have to search their site for ages looking for a product that I love, and they're so quick at getting my orders to my home quickly. You can use code PaigeF15 for 15% off your order.

st. Patrick's Day Kitchen Towels


Key Features of Geometry St. Patrick's Day Towels:

Geometry has many key features about their towels that I really love. I love the waffle texture that just makes them feel super nice when I need to dry my hands in the kitchen. They're not a traditional towel fabric meaning that they aren't fuzzy. They won't make your hands feel scratchy, and they won't pill lint either.

Geometry towels are made from a Geoweave technology that makes them super absorbent, and fast drying. They are NOT a microfiber towel, which I personally cannot stand. They feel good on your hands, actually absorb liquid, and look amazing. It's a win-win.


The Best St. Patrick's Towel Prints:

There are so many great prints to choose from when purchasing from Geometry. My personal favorite is the Shamrock Treasures because it makes me feel super nostalgic and reminds me of Lucky Charms cereal. I'm positive that had to be the influence behind that design. It's so fun and subtle for the holiday, and my kids love it too!

My other favorite prints would have to be the Green Grin, Emerald Luck, and the Rainbow Harmony, but you really can't go wrong with whichever towel you choose!

st. Patrick's Day Kitchen Towels


Price for a Set of St Patrick's Day Kitchen Towels:

I like to get two towels for every season in my home to keep on my stove. If you purchase a set of two towels for your home it would be less than $30 on the Geometry website. But you can save 15% off on top of that when you use my code PaigeF15 at checkout.

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