Geometry Kitchen Towels Review + Coupon Code

Geometry kitchen towels are famous for their beautifully designed and modern printed textiles that elevate your kitchen to the next level for each season of the year. Geometry towels are the go-to source for kitchen hand towels that will elevate the design of your kitchen with one simple addition. 

Geometry Kitchen Towels

Geometry Kitchen Towels:

Geometry kitchen towels have been around for several years and have gained a lot of popularity online for their fun designs and prints that can help effortlessly elevate any kitchen space for any holiday or time of year.

Geometry towels are made from recycled materials which helps to eliminate plastics from landfills and is a more sustainable option when purchasing towels from your home since they're actively working to reduce plastic waste on our planet. 

These towels are made with what they call Geoweave technology which helps the towels to be super absorbent, fast drying, and soft on hands when you're drying them off after being busy in the kitchen. Their proprietary fabric dries quickly which means you can go longer between washes, which also helps the environment because you're reducing water waste and consumption.

Geometry Kitchen Towels

Are Geometry Towels Worth It? 

Worth is super subjective. What you value spending money on is far different than what I value spending money on. Is it practical to have 20 Geometry towels in your home? Probably not. 

But for me, it's worth it to have 1-2 towels that I love per season, that are going to hold up and last a long time, that I can use year after year without worrying about them wearing out and getting mildewy over time. 

So in that regard, yes the investment is worth it to me. If you don't value those same things, then it might not be worth the investment for you. 

Geometry Towels Washing Instructions:

When I wash my Geometry towels I wash them by themselves in the washing machine on a small load with cold water. I use a scent-free and dye-free detergent, and we personally never use fabric softener. 

I let them air dry when they come out of the dryer so that the microfiber doesn't start to pill and get bunched up like it sometimes can in the dryer. If you follow these steps you will increase the longevity of your Geometry towels, which will make their value go further for you over time.

Geometry Kitchen Towels

Where are Geometry Towels Made:

Geometry towels are made in the USA and printed in California. You can feel good about supporting a local small business that does good for the planet and its communities.

Where to Buy Geometry Towels:

You can purchase Geometry towels online at

Geometry Kitchen Towels

Geometry Towels Coupon Code:

When investing in high-quality products for your home, it's always nice to get a discount! Until November 19th, 2023 you can get 35% off your purchase when you use code PAIGEF15 (not a typo, really paigef15) at checkout! 

You can click here to shop their wide variety of towels for the kitchen, bathroom, and gym! 

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