Our Summer Morning Routine with Kids

Our summer morning routine with kids has looked the same for the last five or so years. This has been what our days look like for a long time, and it's a routine that the kids are familiar with. If you're looking to figure out what your days will look like this summer, hopefully, you can draw inspiration from what we do in our home. 

Summer Morning Routine with Kids

Our Summer Morning Routine with Kids:

This has been what our summer mornings have looked like since the kids were very young and it's something that has worked well for us in our home. Because I have always worked to some capacity, I focus on getting a majority of my work done in the morning and try to be a little more structured with the kid's time so that we can all do something fun together in the afternoon. 

Waking Up in Summer:

This might be unpopular, but I don't worry about getting my kids up at a certain time during the summer. In fact, for me the longer they're asleep, that's more uninterrupted work time that I get. The kids will usually wake up on their own anytime between 8 am and 10 am, and I'm more than happy to honor their sleep schedules this time of year. 

Summer Morning Routine with Kids

Getting Dressed During Summer:

Once the kids are awake they know they need to get dressed and ready for the day. My kids will live in their pajamas for the rest of their lives if I let them, so this is our one push toward civility during the summer. Usually, they do this right when they wake up before heading out of their rooms for breakfast.

Breakfast Routine for Summer:

We are fairly lazy parents when it comes to breakfast. Our kids love cereal and it's not my hill to die on. We let the kids pick their cereal of choice in the morning and then they eat and it usually takes about 10-20 minutes. At this point in the day, we usually let Kinsley have some iPad time while she eats.

Get Summer Learning Done:

We have always done some sort of summer learning with our kids. For Kyle, we usually get him some sort of massive workbook that covers a variety of topics that he learned throughout the year. Kinsley qualifies for extended school year which means we get packets from school that she works on at home. 

Kyle will also be continuing with Savvy Learning. He used them for math as part of his homeschool stuff this school year and will continue with math tutoring through the summer. We will be keeping his 9:30 am time slot that he has had for months.

summer morning routine with kids

Quiet Time in Summer:

When school work is done for the day the kids can do quiet time in their rooms until lunch. This usually looks like playing with toys, reading books, or the kids playing together. I don't care what they do during this time (as long as they're not on screens). Often the kids end up in the basement playing with each other for an hour or two and they get a lot of wiggles out this way. 

Eat Lunch + End of Day:

Usually, by 12-1 pm, I have finished my work for the day and the kids are ready for lunch. I usually clean up my desk and get things put away, and then head into the kitchen and make everyone lunch. At this point in the day, the kids and I will usually go on an outing of some sort for a little bit and then we'll come home and hang out until dinner. Screen time usually happens to some extent in the afternoon, usually around 4-5 pm, and then they're turned off once I start making dinner. 

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