Hot Italian Sausage

Growing up this was one of the foods that everyone in my family liked, except my mom. Apparently they gave her gas, and I hope she doesn't read this because she'll freak out that I just told everyone about her digestion issues, but I always thought that was funny when she complained about them cause she's like n115 pounds, and my dads is well massive, and she was the one with indigestion? Go figure, anyways who cares?m They were an awesome treat for me, and so I decided to pass the gloriousness (is that a word?) to my husband last week, and he to loved them and we didn't suffer from any gas problems. This post may have been to personal now that I think about it, oh well!

Gross right? Yeah this is why I choose to broil my meat as much as possible because it gets the unnecessary fats, and grease out without compromising moisture and taste. All that grease was from ONE sausage, do your heart a favor, BROIL! Also if you don't have a broiling pan you can make one like I did, this is a cookie rack from the dollar store placed over a baking sheet from our toaster oven filled with a cup of water in the bottom, simplicity!
Recipe from: Me
Hot Italian Sausages
Your choice of toppings

Heat the oven to broil

Place sausages on your broiling pan (see photo above)

Cook for five minutes, turn over, then cook for 5 more minutes

Take out of the oven and poke with a fork or knife to get the rest of the grease to burst out, on the broiling pan, I just do this because I don't want it to explode in my mouth and burn my face off but feel free to omit this step if you like a burnt mouth for 2 days.

Then place in the buns and top with you're favorite toppings!

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  1. thats a really awesome idea. Can you broil anything? heart healthy and tastey means I need to learn how to do it

  2. Yeah you really can broil all meats! I've done it so far with salmon, pork chops, steak, chicken, and sausage, so it really works well with all meat. Because the oven is at such a high temperature, the cooking time is also a lot less as well, so before you do it, I suggest googling the proper cooking time for the meat in question, but its pretty delicious!