Jay's First Fourth, pt. 2

Last night after all the fun was had at the beach we checked into our hotel and got cleaned up. We did a restaurant search and found out Sonic was down the road from our hotel and in the direction of the fireworks show so figuring it was fate, and that we hadn't been to Sonic since we left Utah, we decided to hit it up! After scarfing down tons of food and drink, we headed to downtown Wilmington where we set up our chairs and waited 2 hours for the fire works to start. 5 minutes into the fireworks Jay decided that he was tired and had enough of the day and so we walked back to the car practically sprinting because he was freaking out. He fell asleep on the way home and we managed to get him from the car seat to his bed without waking him up! Poor kid was exhausted, but it was definitely a long day for him!

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