Saffron Rice and Veggies

If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed my addiction to couponing that has formed as a direct result of watching the entire Extreme Couponing series on Netflix. While I promise I haven't turned into a complete crazy, and I really only buy things I know we'll use, it's still nice knowing that I have a full pantry, and a pretty good food storage in the making! That being said, now that we have all this food, I've had to start thinking of ways to cook it and make it into yummy meals so that we don't have to start storing food in our bedroom closets.

Last night while grocery shopping I scored some delicious frozen veggies for only 60 cents a box, and when I saw them I instantly knew that they were going to be a delicious lunch paired with my free rice from the week before!

I basically just prepared these to the package instructions and just mixed them together when they were cooked, but this was a very delicious lunch, and Jay will have some yummy rice when he wakes up from his nap! Yay for cheap and delicious couponed meals! 

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