Book Review: Ender's Game

I'm almost embarrassed that my last book review was 9 months ago when I wrote about how much I liked Sarah's Key. That was also the last book I read, so I definitely haven't been holding out on any great novels from you guys. That being said, my goal for 2014 is to read 50 books in 1 year. So maybe you can expect some more book reviews next year. Also, I'm open to any suggestions of must reads! I'm trying to better myself and read more since I've read a few inspiring articles about the power of learning through reading, such as this commencement speech given at Boston College in 2008. (Read Here). 

Anyways, I'm surprised that I liked Ender's Game as much as I did. It tells me that I can enjoy a book that isn't about the holocaust/WWII, (Anne Frank, Sarah's Key, and Early Sunday Morning), or a medical tragedy where someone either unavoidably dies from some disease, or they're miraculously spared in the last chapter (Heaven is for Real, My Sister's Keeper, and Thin). 

That being said, I think one thing that I liked about Ender's Game was that going into it, I had no idea what it was about. I just opened and started reading it. I think if someone had told me that it was about a boy who was 6 years old who would one day save the world from a third alien invasion, I would have never, ever read the book. That being said, I was forced to read the first chapter to figure out what was going on. Then they threw the word Mormon in there, which made me want to keep reading to see if there was anything else on that topic. By the time I had gotten to the third chapter I had become so attached to the actual plot I couldn't put it down, which resulted in me finishing it in less than a week. 

Basically if this sounds like a book you would hate, you should probably read it anyways. Because it sounds like a book I would hate, and I loved it. There was some potty mouth language in there, which surprised me when I found out the author was LDS once I was half way through it, but then again so is two-face in the Dark Knight series so I probably shouldn't let these kind of things shook me anymore. 

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