20 Things to do in Atlanta with Kids

Some of my favorite posts to write are bucket list, or activity type posts. Last year I wrote about our spring break bucket list, 10 ways to survive a summer pregnancy with a toddler, 11 summer activities in Raleigh-Durham, NC, and even in the early days of blogging I wrote our end of summer bucket list when we were in Utah and first married.

It should be known that I take these lists that I write quite seriously. This is definitely quite the lengthy and adventurous list, but considering we're going to be here in Atlanta for at least 5 years, that gives us quite a while to get through this. Although, this list is more geared toward age appropriateness for our kids now, so as we're here longer, other things like Six Flags, and stuff will be getting added. Just note that I do plan on getting through everything on this list, and it will be written about excessively over here.

1. Georgia Aquarium- We went to the aquarium when we went to the Outer Banks a couple years ago and Jay loved it. I can only imagine seeing his reaction at almost three, and everything on a much larger scale! Kids under 3 are free, $29.95 until age 12, and then $31.95 for an adult ticket. Definitely a pricier outing, but would be fun for a birthday.

2. Atlanta Zoo- Another pricier outing, but Atlant's zoo has one of the largest panda bear exhibits in the country and is supposed to be amazing. Kids under 3 are free, then $17.99 until age 11, and $22.99 for ages 12+

3. Atlanta Children's Museum- This is basically a dream come true for any young child. They have tons of activities and exhibits geared towards kids of all ages, and ticket prices are $12.95 for ages 1-100, kids under 1 are free.

4. Kennesaw Mountain- Since leaving Utah, we haven't been able to do too much hiking. But this hike is pretty much nothing compared to what we're used to and should be pretty easy on the kids. The total distance is about a mile, and it should yield some great views at the top!

5. World of Coca Cola- This is one of those super touristy things, but you have to do it at least once right? Kids under two are free, $12 for ages 3-12, and $16 for an adult ticket. Sugar rush from taste testing too many sodas? Priceless.

6. Wild Animal Safari- This is basically a drive through zoo from the comfort of your own car. There's a five mile trail that you drive through and you can see tons of different exotic animals. Children under 3 are free and prices range from $18-$20 per person depending on age after that.

7. Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History- This place is a toddlers dream. Kids under 3 are free and an adult ticket is $7. There are tons of toy trains and exhibits geared toward kids 3-6 and would make for an awesome and inexpensive toddler day out!

8. Global Winter Wonderland- Open only during the holiday season, this is supposed to be a spectacular display of Christmas lights, activities, and games. Pricing information isn't currently available online, but we're excited to go this year!

9. Atlanta Braves Game- self explaintory right? But we're cheap so we'll be up in the nose bleed section for $16/seat.

10. Skyview Atlanta- Basically a ginormous Ferris wheel that allows you to see all of Atlanta! Adult tickets 13+ are $13.50, ages 3-12 are $8.50, and 3 are free.

11. World's Largest Peanut- ... Because, why not?

12. Marietta Square- I've already been to the playground here with Jay and Em once, but there is a farmers market on the weekend, and so many fun restaurants and shops, that It's definitely a place we'll visit again and again.

13. Marietta Museum of History- At $7/ticket and kids under 5 are free, you really can't go wrong. Plus they have an entire aviation exhibit... so you know we'll be all over that.

14. Morgan Falls Overlook Park- Family-oriented park featuring expansive playgrounds, walking trails, picnic areas, and rivers.

15. Little River Trail- A fun little park and trail for a weekend walk/picnic. Reviews say that strollers aren't the greatest, so bring that baby carrier!

16. Sprayground at Riverside Park- Just your typical massive splash pad that we'll be hitting up again, and again this summer. Admission is $2/person.

17. Legoland Discovery Center- Children under 2 are free, and $15 for everyone else. They have tons of exhibits and lots of toddler story times. I'm sure Jay will be all about this when we go!

18. Centenial Olympic Park- Home of the Atlanta Olympic Games, I would just feel like a terrible person if we didn't come here at least 50 times. That's the Lake Placid, NY in me talking isn't it?

19. The Waffle House Museum- Because who wouldn't want to eat at the very first Waffle House, and see waffle memorabilia from the last 60 years.

20. Southeastern Railway Museum- Tickets range from Free-$8 and it basically sounds like another toddler train heaven... so we'll be checking this out for sure.

What things have you done in Atlanta that we need to check out? We love adding things to our never ending lists!


  1. fun list - thanks for sharing! My husband has some family in Atlanta, so this be handy to have whenever (not sure when that "whenever" is though) we drop by! =)


  2. Bless you, I needed this so bad! My 2 year old is already getting restless and it's not even summer yet! Pinned!!!


    Whitney & Blaire

    Peaches In A Pod

  3. Well done! I used to live in Atlanta and miss that southern weather. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I'm not a kid and I don't have kids but these activities sound so fun! I want to do them! lol


  5. My toddler looooves aquariums, we just went to one last week! I'm looking forward to how the Georgia one goes!

  6. The Sprayground sounds amazing, I'd love to take my cousin there!