Our School Morning Routine

As of Monday both of the kids are officially back in school. The tricky part this year is that Kinsley is in AM Kindergarten as opposed to her PM preschool she was in last year. This means I have to get both kids up and out the door, and across town to our new school by 8:45. This may not seem like a big deal to most, but we literally rolled out of bed all summer around 9:30-10:00AM, so it's been a bit of an adjustment for us. 

7:30: My alarm goes off. I get out of bed, get my running clothes on, and then head into Kinsley's room to get her dressed. When she's ready, we head downstairs and I get her cereal. Kyle has already woken up at some point, gotten himself dressed, and eaten breakfast, I just remind him to brush his teeth and find his glasses.

8:00: Kinsley is done eating and I clean up her mess. I do her hair, usually one of my five minute hairstyles, and then the kids play for a few minutes before we get into the car.

8:30: It's time for the kids to leave for school. We get the dog in his kennel, we head downstairs to the garage, and get in the car. Since the kids don't go to our home school literally right behind our house, we have to drive to the other side of town to get there, and live in fear of getting stuck by the world's slowest train that often blocks our only route to the school. Luckily it hasn't happened yet, but I can feel it coming. 

8:45ish: Once we make it to the school, I drop Kyle off at the front of the building and then drive around to the back of the school where Kinsley's teacher is waiting for her, and all the other kids who ride the bus. I drop her off and then head back to the house.

9:00: I have two and a half hours to myself before I get Kinsley from school. Once I get back to the house I immediately leave on my run, and then head back home for a shower.

10:00: Now that I've ran, showered, and gotten dressed for the day, I sit down at my computer and start working for the day. I start off by sifting through my bloglovin feed, and commenting like a mad woman on about 60 other blogs #BloggerGrind. Then I sift through my inbox, reply to emails, and apply to blog campaigns that might be in there. Then I hop over to Instagram, and do whatever I need to over there, and then it's time to go get Kinsley. I cram a lot of work into this hour and 15 minute space. 

11:15: I head back across town and get Kinsley at school, and then our entire afternoon routine begins. 

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