My Favorite Tanning Products and Tips

Over three and a half years ago I wrote a sponsored post about how much I loved the Jergen's Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer as a self tanner. Many years and bottles of that product later, it's still one of my favorites. This year though, I found the Jergen's Natual Glow Instant Sun, and I've been using it almost exclusively ever since. 

When I'd use the Moisturizer:
If it's the middle of winter and I just want a bit of a healthy glow, and I'm already using lotion like crazy because it's so dry in Utah, I'll reach for the moisturizer. It gives you the perfect bit of tan, that builds up a little bit each day as you use it, but it doesn't give you that "I just got a spray tan" look. 

Setbacks to the Moisturizer: 
I typically don't remember to apply everyday, and when I go to church on Sundays, that's when I typically want to have a tan since my legs don't see the sun often, and I want to look a little less pasty when I have a skirt or dress on. This means that on Saturday nights I'd be slathering three huge layers of this stuff onto my body and cross my fingers that I woke up tan in the morning. It also meant that I'd get three tan sessions out of the one bottle before it was empty and I had to buy another bottle. Definitely wasn't using as directed. 

Why I love the Jergen's Natural Glow Instant Tan:
I love this product more than the moisturizer because it can be Sunday morning, 15 minutes before church, I can apply it, and a tan starts to develop almost instantly. I also love that a little product goes a long way, and that I've been able to tan with this about 10 different times so far, and still haven't had to purchase another bottle.

How I apply the Jergen's Natural Glow Instant Tan: 
I work in sections. I put three pumps of the product on my hand and then rub it on one leg from the top of the knee down. I try to only rub with the palm of my hand, since rubbing it in with my finger tips could make it streaky. Once my lower leg is all rubbed in from the top of the knee down, I move onto the top of my leg. I do three pumps in my hand again, and then do everything above my knee, and rub everything in until it no longer feels wet. I then repeat this same process on my other leg. 

Then I do my arms. I apply three pumps of product into my hand and apply it to my entire arm, from the wrist to the shoulder. I rub it in with the palm of my hand, making sure to get the top and underside of my arm, elbows, and everything. Once it doesn't feel super wet anymore, I stop rubbing and repeat the process on the other arm. 

The Clean Up:
Once I've applied the product to both arms and legs, I wash my hands with hot soapy water. I make sure to scrub in between my fingers, and everywhere the product touched. I keep washing until the water runs clear, and I can't see anymore product on my hands. This will prevent you from getting creepy orange hands. Try to keep the water only on your hands, and don't let it drip down your arms, if it does, the product will wash off that spot on your arm, and will leave you with a pale spot on that arm. This is typically my most frequently made mistake. 

The Results:
I like that it looks pretty natural and that it looks like a good tan, without being a huge overly dark spray tan look. Unless I've made a big mistake, like forgetting to rub it in on the back side of my leg or something, I feel like you can't tell that it's a fake tan, and it looks pretty natural. I also like that it doesn't last a super long time. After a few showers it comes off, and it leaves me with a fresh base to repeat it all over again when I'm ready to reapply for church the next week.

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  1. I love St. Tropez...I think that's the name of it! It's never made me orange and it does not have the strong smell.

  2. Ok, I can't wait to try this stuff! Thanks for sharing your process. Guess I know what to look for at the store now. And I totally agree, I can't stand white legs at church!

    1. Yes! I have bad varicose veins from having my babies, so a little tan makes the pasty and vein situation just a little better on Sundays!

  3. Awesome tips! Thanks for the recommendation! I just got some!

    Happy day!

  4. How’s the smell? I love my tanning lotion- but I can’t stand the smell so I almost never use it.

    1. The smell isn't strong! There is a faint smell if you leave it on for several hours before washing it off, but it's not overwhelming!