37 Christmas Read Aloud Chapter Books

Christmas Read Aloud Chapter Books are an excellent way to connect with your children at bedtime throughout the holiday season. 

While I never thought that this would be my life... my kids love books. Especially Kyle who can be found reading anywhere from 30-60 chapter books per week. That's not a typo. With Christmas coming up I wanted to compile a good list of Christmas read aloud chapter books that we could read together as a family, and that Kyle could read to himself before bed. If you're in the market for some Christmas chapter books for kids, here are 38 titles we've either already read, or are excited to read this holiday season. 

37 Christmas Read Aloud Chapter Books:

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Happy Narwhalidays: We actually haven't dived into this series yet, but this book is broken up into three holiday themed stories, including on about the arrival of Merry-Mermicorn, a Christmas themed unicorn/mermaid who comes to celebrate!

Dragon’s Merry Christmas: I love this Dragon book series and the Halloween one was a favorite for me growing up. We haven't read the Christmas version, but it's a collection of Dragon themed short stories that are perfect for young readers. You could easily read a chapter or short story per night, and have the book read in a week. This one is particularly great for younger audiences.

The Girl Who Saved Christmas: This book and author are new to me. This book is about a girl who believed in Santa enough that she got the very first Christmas gift from Santa. However, when her mother gets ill her Christmas spirit falls and the morale and holiday spirit goes down around the world. Santa goes on a quest to find Amelia, boost her spirits, and save Christmas for everyone. 

A Boy Called Christmas: Written by the same author as The Girl Who Saved Christmas. In this story Nikolas has to travel to the North Pole to save his father, when he gets there he realizes Christmas Spirit is low, and that he needs to try and save Christmas, but he can't do it without finding his father first. 

My Weird School: Miss Holly is Too Jolly: Kyle loves the My Weird School series! This book is about a Spanish teacher who goes wild and starts hanging mistletoe everywhere. See how the students get out of the conundrum in this cute story. 

My Weird School: Deck The Halls, We’re Off the Walls: Another My Weird School book, AJ and his friends need to save the day when a concert at the mall where Santa Claus is at makes things go a little haywire. The friends from Ella Mentary School need to calm things down. 

Amelia Bedelia Wraps it Up: Amelia Bedelia and her family celebrate and prepare for Christmas while honoring the true spirit of the holiday.

Magic Tree House Merlin Missions Christmas in Camelot: This is the first Merlin Mission book in the Magic Tree House Series. Merlin Mission books are for more advance readers as opposed to the traditional Magic Tree House series. In this book Jack and Annie travel to Camelot to go on a special quest and save Christmas in the process.

Magic Tree House Merlin Missions A Ghost Tale for Christmas: This story is a spin on A Christmas Carol. Jack and Annie travel back in time to help Charles Dickens who has been thrown in Jail! I love that these books combine historical fiction and fun in these creative tales. 

The True Gift: All year long Liam and Lilly look forward to Christmas on their grandparents farm, but this year a white cow changes everything and they have to learn the meaning behind this special gift. 

Nate The Great and The Crunchy Christmas: In this Nate the Great book Annie's dog is unhappy when his Christmas mail goes missing. Nate the Great takes the case to find the missing mail so Annie's dog can have a Christmas treat. 

The Christmasaurus: Santa accidentally finds a dinosaur egg at the bottom of the ocean and sits on the egg to hatch it. Things get precarious when Santa accidentally gives the real dinosaur to a boy instead of a stuffed dinosaur, and then the boy needs to protect the dinosaur from a local hunter. 

Rainbow Magic: Holly the Christmas Fairy: Jack Frost has stolen Santa's sleigh with three important gifts on board. Without them Christmas could be ruined forever. Rachel and Kristy look to save Christmas with help from Holly the Christmas Fairy. 

Flat Stanley: Stanley’s Christmas Adventure: I recently purchased this book for Kyle and he gives it two thumbs up. Santa doesn't think that there are anymore good children in the world, so his Daughter Sarah calls Stanley's family for help. It's Stanley's job to convince Santa that kids are still good and tries to restore Santa's faith in Christmas. 

Heidi Heckelbeck and the Christmas Surprise: Heidi loves Christmas, but took and lost her mother's special charm bracelet. By the time she finds it, the bracelet has been crushed by a snowplow, and when Heidi tries to fix it, she makes it worse. Can Heidi tell her mom about the bracelet and still have Christmas magic in her life? You'll have to read and find out! 

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A to Z Mysteries: White House White-Out: I think at this point Kyle has read every single book ever written by Ron Roy. This one is fun because it combines the characters from his Capital Mysteries books with the characters from A to Z Mysteries. Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose meet KC and Marshall at the White House, but everything goes crazy when the President's dog goes missing among all the people decorating the White House for Christmas. 

Calendar Mysteries: December Dog: Calendar Mysteries is another series by Ron Roy. Brian, Bradley, Nate, and Lucy find a lost puppy on Christmas Eve who is supposed to be someone's Christmas gift. They need to find out who the puppy belongs to, and get it back to it's home in time for Christmas morning!

Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas: Emmet and his Ma are having hard times, but Emmet dreams of buying his mom the piano she's always wanted, and Ma dreams of buying Emmet a guitar. When they hear about a town talent show, they both imagine their dreams coming true, and find the true spirt of love and hope in the process.

Judy Moody and Stink: The Holly Holiday: Stink wants nothing more than to see snow in Virginia for the first time in 100 years, although it seems unlikely. Their new mailman happens to be Jack Frost, who knows a lot about weather patterns, and loves the snow... can he make Stink's wish come true?

The Critter Club: Amy’s Very Merry Christmas: This is a series that I'm excited to start reading with Kinsley. Amy wants to do something special for Ms Sullivan who is going to be alone on Christmas. When the Critter Club has some guinea pigs that need to be adopted, Amy has a trick up her sleeve to send some cheer Ms Sullivan's way. 

Ballpark Mysteries: Christmas in Cooperstown: This series is new to me and I haven't read any of the books, but as someone who is from NY and has visited Cooperstown, I feel deeply invested in reading this book. Mike and Kate are wrapping presents for a charity and get to spend the night in the baseball hall of fame. When they're snooping around the museum at night, they realize one of the cards are fake. They have to find the real card, catch a bad guy, and wrap a bunch of presents in time for Christmas! Can they pull it off? 

Ready Freddy: The Perfect Present: Freddy is so excited about Christmas and all the toys he's going to get until he realizes that not all kids are as lucky as him. He goes on a quest to find out if giving gifts is as much fun as getting them. 

Horse Diaries: Jingle Bells: This book takes place in 1915 about a horse named Jingle Bells. He takes the family everywhere they need to go until their brother comes home with a Model T Ford. Jingle Bells worries the family won't need him anymore in this heartwarming Christmas tale. 

Geronimo Stilton: The Christmas Toy Factory: As you can tell with the next six titles on this list, this appears to be a very expansive book series, with seven total books that are just about Christmas. This series alone has 70 books, but 281 books all together with multiple spinoff series. In this book Geronimo acts as Santa Clause for everyone in New Mouse City for his grandfather who is trying to write a book. 

Geronimo Stilton: A Very Merry Christmas: Geronimo is trying to get home for Christmas when his luggage gets swapped with someone else's' and he has to go all around The Big Apple to find his luggage, gifts, and get home in time for Christmas. 

Geronimo Stilton: Christmas Catastrophe: Geronimo tries to go skiing but ends up injured in the hospital and worries that it's going to be the worst Christmas ever, until his family does something special to cheer him up!

Geronimo Stilton: A Christmas Carol: A mousely early chapter book version of A Christmas Carol, told my a mouse. 

Geronimo Stilton: Merry Christmas Geronimo: Disaster strikes on Christmas when Geronimo slips on his tail, and his mouse hole catches fire. Can things turn themselves around to save Christmas? 

Geronimo Stilton: A Christmas Tale: Geronimo is super excited for Christmas until he finds out his entire family is going out of town and he's going to be alone. Is this going to be the worst and loneliness Christmas ever? You'll have to read and find out!

Horrible Harry and the Holidaze: Everyone in class 3B is getting super excited for the holidays and learning about Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and all the other celebrations, except for Harry. Something is clearly bothering him, but can we figure out what it is? 

EllRay Jakes Rocks the Holiday: This entire EllRay series does a great job speaking about race for young audiences. In this book everyone is getting excited for the holiday season until EllRay accidentally says something mean to the only other boy in class with brown skin and makes him feel bad. Can EllRay turn things around for Christmas, rekindle his friendship, and honor his African American Roots?

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Princess Posey and the Christmas Magic: Princess Posey wants nothing more than a real magic wand for Christmas, but she knows she's done something to upset her mom. Can she turn things around in time for Christmas in this witty story?

The Kingdom of Christmas: The Guardian of the Mountains: Princess Sarah and Prince Michael have to save Santa Claus and The Spirit of Christmas who have been taken captive in a scary ice castle. Can they finish their mission in time to save Christmas? 

Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch: Deluxe Junior Novelization: This novel was written in 2018 to go alongside the new animated Grinch movie. It would be super fun to read with your child throughout the month and watch the movie together as a family. 

Sophie Washington: Secret Santa: Sophie Washington finds out she has a Secret Santa who is delivering presents to her house. There isn't a Secret Santa happening at school, and all her friends think it might be a couple boys in her class who have liked her in the past. After she uncovers the clues she finds out the surprise is bigger than anything she could have ever imagined. 

Ronaldo: The Reindeer Flying Academy: Ronaldo wants to win the endurance test to become Santa's Chief Reindeer in time for Christmas but it becomes more difficult than he could ever imagine. Ronaldo needs to discover self-belief and courage to be able to reach his goals!

Are there any chapter books you love to read this time of year? I'd love to hear in the comments below!

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