Christmas Gifts for Kids 2022

This gift guide: Christmas Gifts for Kids 2022 is a roundup of all the gifts we have personally purchased for our children this year. If you're looking for some gift inspiration, look no further. Unless your kids don't have the same interests as mine, then keep looking. 

Christmas Gifts for Kids 2022

How I Picked Christmas Gifts for Kids 2022:

Before we get into the details of what I got my kids for Christmas this year, I thought I'd give some back story on how I picked gifts. Many of you know I have a daughter with physical and intellectual disabilities and I know a lot of moms who follow me have children in similar situations and find it difficult to purchase gifts. 

To start Christmas shopping this year I made my son create a powerpoint presentation on everything he wanted for Christmas (it was so cute I 10/10 recommend this!) Once I knew what he wanted, I made decisions for Kinsley based off of what I knew she would be jealous of from Kyle's list. The FOMO is real with her! 

Kyle wanted a giant panda, so I knew a giant horse would be a great option for Kinsley. Kyle loves books, but Kinsley can't read fluently yet. So her equivalent was craft kits that she can mostly do independently. Kyle loves Legos and Kinsley loves Legos, this was a straight across gift. I did ask Kinsley what she wanted for Christmas and she said stuffies and Legos, so we've made her dreams come true. 

If you're having a hard time purchasing gifts for your child with a disability, it's worked really well for us to look at what our older child likes, and then make comparable purchases that make the most sense for her age, developmental abilities, and interests. This may not work for your family but it worked well for us this year. 

Christmas Gifts for Kids 2022:

1. Starwars LEGO Millenium Falcon: 

Kyle's number one ask for Christmas was a $400 Hogwarts LEGO set. Love the self-confidence he had to ask for that... but no. This was his second pick and I'm glad I could help make a portion of his LEGO dreams come true. 

2. Candy Shop Wars Book Set:

Kyle has loved these books since he met the author last school year. He has read them dozens of times from the library but wants his own set. The third book comes out in early 2023 so he'll be happy to have these before that one comes out! 

3. LEGO Ninjago Cole's Dragon Cruiser: 

Kinsley said she wanted to get Kyle a LEGO set for Christmas and this was another one that was on Kyle's powerpoint presentation. He's been Ninjago obsessed for about 5 years so we usually always see a Ninjago LEGO request every Christmas and birthday. 

4. Jumbo Plush Panda: 

The panda Kyle picked out from the Amazon toy catalog that got mailed to our house was $60. I love him but was not spending that on a stuffed animal. I found this one also on Amazon that looks IDENTICAL for half the price and is the exact same size. WIN.

5. Minecraft Hoodie:

At this point I think you have a full scale idea of Kyle's entire personality. Books, Star Wars, Minecraft. Everything you assume is probably correct. I told him to pick "something to wear" that he would like. He picked a very obnoxious Minecraft hoodie that I just... couldn't. I might break his heart with this one but it's a bit more tame and acceptable for everyday wear. (Also the one he picked looked sketchy and the brand couldn't be verified and I didn't want to risk it shrinking, not fitting, and a million other things...)

6. Slime Kit:

Kinsley makes slime almost weekly when she goes to occupational therapy. She is a pro of all things slime. We decided she would LOVE to make it at home and this will give us something to do over winter break.

7. Tie-Dye T-shirt Kit:

Kinsley has been very into tie-dye the last few years and I have admittedly wanted to give it a whirl too. She's made shirts with her class at school but I bought a few plain white shirts and thought this would be a fun winter break activity for the entire family too.

8. LEGO Heartlake Vet Clinic:

Kinsley is very into LEGOs right now too, just like her big brother. Kyle usually puts the sets together for her and then she happily plays with them in her room day in and day out. She loves all things animals so this one is perfect for her. 

9. Pregnant Stuffy?

Honestly I don't know what we're calling these things. It's completely unhinged. I imagine that the veterinary profession is looking low on future vets so they created this toy to help mold the minds of American youth? Essentially it's a big stuffed animal that has 4 mini baby stuffies inside of it. Kinsley saw a friend from church with one and then all of a sudden she NEEDED one. And then Kyle said this is what he wanted to give her for Christmas and ... here we are. 

10. Jumbo Horse:

This is Kinsley's gift that is supposed to compete with Kyle's giant panda. She's a lover of all things horses, and unicorns but we have ENOUGH unicorns... so this made the most sense. 

That is everything we got for our kids for Christmas this year. I'd love to hear what you're getting in the comments below! 

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