Easy Way to Wrap Gifts

With the holiday season upon us you might be looking for a clean, simple, and easy way to wrap gifts for those you love this year. This easy to follow tutorial will take you through the step-by-step process to wrap beautiful gifts this year. 

Easy Way to Wrap Gifts

Easy Way to Wrap Gifts:

Wrapping gifts for the holidays doesn't have to be stressful. I used to get overwhelmed by my gifts not looking perfect. And I totally get it, it's just wrapping paper. It's going to get ripped off, and it doesn't NEED to be perfect. However, like anything, it's fun to learn a new skill and to do something well. If this is a skill you're wanting to learn this year, and make your gifts look beautiful with minimal effort, this is my fool proof easy way to wrap gifts. 

The Best Kind of Wrapping Paper: 

In my opinion the best kind of wrapping paper is one that is thicker than thinner. I think a slightly higher quality wrapping paper that is a bit more stiff and doesn't tear super easily is a must when it comes to wrapping gifts well. Thin paper tends to tear at the corners when you're trying to get crisp edges, which can be more easily avoided when you have a thicker paper. 

The best thickness for wrapping paper is typically 80 GSM (grams per square meter), or higher. This thickness is typically noted somewhere on the roll of paper, so keep an eye out for it while you're shopping. Don't stress too much about it if you can't find it on the label. It's not the end of the world, just something I like look for when shopping. 

Easy Way to Wrap Gifts

Tools to Wrap Gifts:

Luckily there aren't many tools that you need for wrapping gifts. All you need are a high quality pair of scissors, wrapping paper, and some scotch tape. If we're going to be super picky, I prefer the scotch tape that has that matte finish on it (the green packaging!), but really that's probably being more picky than you need to be. 

Easy Way to Wrap Gifts with Bows and Extras:

Now that we know all the right tools we need for wrapping gifts we can get into the step-by-step process for learning the easy way to wrap gifts. 

I always start out by laying my gift in the middle of the wrapping paper and then cutting the amount I will need. I do this by folding the paper over the package to ensure I have enough to make it all around the gift. When in doubt cut more paper then you need. You can always cut off excess, but it's harder to add it back if you cut the roll too short. 

Next you need to lay the gift in the middle of the cut paper. Fold one side over the top and secure in place with one piece of tape. Fold over the other side nice and tight and secure with another piece of tape.

Now you should have the two ends of your gift. At this point I gauge how much extra paper I have at the ends and cut off what I think will be excess. I don't want to have ends that fold over onto the front or back side of the package. I want the ends to stay folded and taped on the side edge of the gift. 

Easy Way to Wrap Gifts

Once my edges are trimmed I carefully but tightly fold the edges over, ensuring I have crisp lines. I do the bottom edge first and then tape it into place, then I do the top end and tape it into place. 

From there you have a perfectly well wrapped gift. 

Next if you want to add a bow, lay the gift in the middle of the ribbon, and then cross the ribbon over each other like you're going to tie the bow. Don't tie the bow, but instead bring it around the other aide of the package so that it makes a cross on the back of the package. Turn the gift around to the other side, and then tie the bow like you normally would. If the gift requires batteries, you can thread the battery package onto the bow for a nice finishing touch! (Also who doesn't love batteries!)

Easy Way to Wrap Gifts

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