Birthday Gifts for a Nine Year Old Girl

If you're shopping for some birthday gifts for a nine year old girl, these are some fun, timeless, and unique gift ideas that you can consider as you start your shopping. This is what we purchased our daughter most recently for her birthday, so hopefully it sparks some interest for you as well. 

Birthday Gifts for a Nine Year Old Girl

Birthday Gifts for Nine year Old Girl:

Our daughter who is turning nine loves all things horses, Barbie, and basically anything her brother has gotten in the last year that she has been jealous of... like a true younger sister. This year we got her some things that we felt were practical, useful, fun, and girly. I think she'll love each of these gifts and I'm excited for her top open them on her birthday. 

Magnetic Doll Set:

When we went on our family trip to Dallas last month, the house we were staying at had a set of these magnetic dolls that Kinsley loved playing with. There were tons of different outfits and it kept Kinsley entertained for hours. Remembering that, I grabbed it for her birthday, and I think she'll be excited to play with it again. 

Remote Control Jeep:

My dad bought Kyle a remote control Jeep for Christmas last year and it has caused a bit of drama in the house ever since. For Kinsley's birthday we decided to get her this pink one so that they can both play with their Jeeps together, and hopefully reduce some of the arguments that have ensued since Christmas.


A Fanny Pack:

I got myself a fanny pack earlier this summer and have been wearing it everywhere I go. Kinsley has been fairly jealous of my fanny pack and I kept promising her I'd get her one for her birthday. This two-pack was on amazon for $10, so lucky her, she gets two. I've realized that these are actually amazing for wheelchair/walker users since she'll be able to carry things around the school in her fanny pack because she'll need her hands for her walker or pushing her wheelchair. So really it will be a super useful gift for her. 

Picaso Tiles:

We have had a set of these in the past, but we got a cheap set and they didn't stick together very well. We got rid of those old ones years ago though, and I think Kinsley and Kyle will both enjoy playing with these together over the next few months. 

Double Saddle Barbie:

This toy has caused all the drama in our home. If you know Kinsley, you know she's been riding horses since she was basically a baby (literally see here). We were at Kohl's a few months ago and she saw this 2 Barbie doll set with a horse that had a double saddle so both Barbies could ride at the same time. It was $40 and I told her I would buy it on her birthday. Well, the toy was an only at Kohl's exclusive that is now discontinued, and there are nine left on Amazon, but now you have to pay $60 for them. So... I should have bought the toy months ago, and I'm a sucker. 

Spirit Riding Free Chapter Book Set:

As you can guess for the girl that loves all things horses, we got her the chapter book set of her very favorite show, Spirit. She's been asking for these for a while now and we were more than happy to make her wishes come true for her birthday. 

For me personally I feel like girls are so much harder to shop for than boys, and every year it's a little bit stressful coming up with gift ideas for Kinsley. I think she'll be excited for her gifts this year though, and hopefully some of these will spark some ideas for any birthday shopping you're doing soon too! 

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