6 Paper Plate Fall Crafts

These six paper plate fall crafts are perfect easy activities to do with young kids during the autumn months. This would be a fun activity to do with kids from preschool through kindergarten age, and there are plenty of ideas from early fall, to Halloween, to Thanksgiving.

Paper Plate Fall Crafts

7 Paper Plate Fall Crafts:

These paper plate fall crafts are super easy to do with minimal supplies and not a lot of planning. Paper plates are super inexpensive to get at the store, and for a lot of these you just need some color pencils. You can of course get some pom-poms, and glue sticks to make it more fun, but the best part about this is that you can get everything at the dollar store for not a lot of money. 

Paper Plate Apple:

This apple project comes together but cutting out to curved shapes from the side of the plate to make it look like an eaten apple. Color or paint the top and bottom sections of the plate red, draw some seeds in the middle, and then cut some of the plate scraps for stems that you can glue to the top.

Apple Tree Plate:

For this project you will need two plates. One to use as the tree leaves, and another one, cut in a similar way was the apple project, to use as the tree trunk. Then you'll color the trunk brown, paint or color the leaf portion green, and then you can use red pom-poms as the apples, and glue them onto the tree. Then glue the leaf section to the base and you're done!

Candy Corn Plates:

For this project you will cut the plate into six equal triangles. Then you can simply color the pattern of candy corn onto the plates with either yellow and orange paint, crayons, or markers. 

Jack-o-Lantern Plate:

To make a jack-o-lantern plate you will paint or color the entire plate orange, and then you can take black construction paper and cut it into shapes for the eyes and mouth. You could also do this part with a black sharpie, but gluing on the construction paper might be the easier option. 

Eye Ball Plate:

To make this spooky eye ball plate, simply make an eye in the center with whatever color you want, along with black to make the iris and the pupil (Also a great biology lesson!), then take a red color pencil and make some red veins to go around the eye. 

Turkey Plate:

Turkey plates are easy to make! Simply color the entire plate brown for the turkey body, then use different color construction paper and cut it into feather shapes to glue on the back to make the tail/feathers. Use google eyes for the eyes, and then cut out some small shapes with construction paper for the beak and you're done! 

These six paper plate fall crafts will be perfect to go along with any fall units you're planning with your class or homeschool during the autumn months. I love that they're fun, easy, inexpensive, and have minimal prep work!

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