Things to Do in St George Utah

We spent the long weekend down in St George since the kids had a four day break from school. We love going to St George, Utah because it's only a four our drive from our house, is a little bit warmer in the winter, and has significantly less pollution which means you can actually see the blue skies. Here are some great family friendly things to do in St George Utah if you're going to be down there soon.

Things to Do in St George Utah The kids had the best time, (mostly due to the friends we saw for much of the time we were there), and if you're looking for a short list of fun things to do with kids in St George, the best food to eat in St George, and where to stay, we've got you covered.

Where to Stay in St George: 

Both times that we've rented a place to stay in St George, we've rented a condo in The Sports Village. It's in a good location between St George and Santa Clara, which means you're never too far from anything either town has to offer. The one we stayed in this time had two bedrooms, and a pull out sofa, so we all had our own sleeping areas, and we all slept wonderfully. Full night's sleep from both kids each night, and I also took a nap each afternoon. My kind of vacation.

What to do with Kids in St George: 

Most of our time was spent with friends, but on the time where we were flying solo we did a few fun activities. Our first day there we went to the St George Children's Museum. It's converted from an old school building, and each room is a different themed play area. The major hits for our kids were the airport, farm, and grocery store! It's $5 per person, so $20 for our family of four, and was totally worth it.

The next day we had the entire day to ourselves and decided to take the kids hiking over at Pioneer Park. This is where the famous "crack" is that you can walk up (you can see pictures from Derek going up it on our honeymoon in this blog post!), and where you can climb up to the famous Dixie Rock. Kyle and I went up to the rock, and then met back down with Derek and Kinsley where we explored and hiked around a bit more before leaving and getting a snack.

The St George Dinosaur Discovery Site museum is a fun hands on activity that your kids will love. Derek and I went on our honeymoon, but decided then that we should come back when we actually have kids. Now that we do, we should actually take them next time we're in town.
Out of all the times we've visited St George though, we've never been to Zion National Park. We need to make a point to go down there for some family friendly fun before it gets too warm and the park gets crowded.

Where to Eat in St George: 

We had three food outings while we were there, and being the terrible blogger that I am, I have zero pictures of any of the food. Our first day we ate at Roy's Pizza. It was really good, the kids loved it, and we had enough to take back to our condo for leftovers. We got the large Roy's Combo, and 4 water cups for about $20 and it was definitely money well spent.

The next day after our hike we went to Sloth Cookies for a treat. We had actually driven past it 6 times and kept making fun of the name, and then figured their marketing tactic had worked since we took the bait and went to check it out. For those in on the Utah cookie game, it's different from Swig, Crumble, Twisted Sugar, etc... Crumbles cookies are thick warm and gooey, Swig and Twisted Sugar have those large, cold, chewy sugar cookies that blow your mind... Sloth cookies have thinner chocolate chip cookies that aren't overly gooey, and their sugar cookies aren't cold and amazing like Swig. For these reasons, Derek loved Sloth Cookies over the competitors, and for these reasons, I liked the competitors over Sloth... so take that for what it's worth.

On Saturday night Derek and I did an "at home date night" where we ordered takeout from Ahi taste of Asia and watched a movie. The food was amazing. I got the vegetarian spicy Japanese noodle bowl, and Derek got the chicken coconut curry. The portions were huge, which we ate for lunch the next day, and we would totally go back on a future trip.

Other Things to Do in St George Utah:

If you're looking for some other things to do in St George Utah, it is only a 40 minute drive from Zion National Park. You can also check out Sand Hollow which is a really great lake that people go to for boating and swimming in Sand Hollow State Park. There are also malls, movie theaters, and so much more. There is definitely something for everyone which makes St George a fun place to be for everyone in the family.

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  1. We go check out the outdoor stuff. So we head up to Silver Reef/Leeds and check out the old town. We always drive by Quail Creek. There is a cool rec area on the west side of the freeway from Quail Creek, which is by Harrisburg.
    Roy's Pizza is super good. The DI in St. George is pretty fun to run into.