A Day in My Life Summer 2023 Edition

It's been so long since I've done a day in my life post, (or really any post that isn't just chasing SEO credit on Google), and I miss the storytelling aspect of blogging (sometimes), so I figured I'd sit down and write about what our life looks like in this season of life, which is really quite different than any other season we've been in. My life is so different since I left blogging full-time just a couple years ago, and I want to remember what this busy and sometimes chaotic season has looked like.

6:00 am: Derek's alarm goes off which inevitably wakes me up for a moment. I hear him wrestling around the room getting dressed before he heads out to work for the day. He has been going back to the office three days a week as of a couple weeks ago, so it's a new thing we're getting used to post-covid.

6:40 am: I'm woken up again by Kinsley who is devastated to hear Derek's truck pull out of the driveway. She tells me she also needs to go to the bathroom, so I lift her 60lb body out of bed, bring her to the bathroom, and then put her back in bed to sleep a little longer. 

8:10 am: I'm now awake for real for the day. I head into Kinsley's room and cuddle in bed with her for a few minutes before getting her dressed. 

8:30 am: I do Kinsley's hair, and then make her oatmeal for breakfast. I sit her down in the living room to eat and watch on her iPad until the nanny gets here at 9:00am. I unload and load the dishwasher, and then head into my room to get dressed, before going down to my office in the basement to start work for the day. 

9:00 am: I post on our corporate morning slack channels, look through emails, and then work super speed through a lot of my work for the day. Or at least I try too because...

9:30 am: Our nanny calls me to tell me she tried to go on a walk with the kids and there are two massive dogs in our yard that although friendly, do not belong to me, and they're making our dog loose his mind. After not being able to figure out where the dogs belong we all head back inside and I get back to work. At this point Kyle has now woken up for the day and is hanging out with Kinsley and our nanny, and working on some math and bible work he does each day.

9:45 am: I sit down at my desk and again try to get my work done. I have to be done by noon because Kinsley has a doctor appointment later. I follow up with our dev team on some website updates, and research some new share of voice software we're looking to implement before being interrupted that Kinsley needs to use the bathroom. 

10:30 am: Back in the office again and I start working through social media items for the day. This usually means posting on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and then reporting the links in a shared spreadsheet that the company tracks. Then I go through a new website we're working on launching and optimize all the pages with meta descriptions and add alt tags to all the images. At some point during this work block I'm told Kinsley needed to use the bathroom again, just to go upstairs and realize it was all a rouse. 

11:00 am: I get the idea to write this blog post and start writing through everything that has happened for the day so far. 

11:15 am: I notice my work inbox is filling up with a lot of advertising emails, so I sift through all of them to make sure there is nothing important in there. I see an email from someone who is looking to setup a mentoring call with me (for me to be mentored, do not think for a moment I'm in the position to mentor anyone), so I look through my calendar and give them my next available days and times that will work. 

11:20: I now need to go and get myself ready for Kinsley's doctor appointment in Salt Lake. Hair and makeup, and out the door by noon.

11:45 am: I'm done getting ready and realize we're out of baby wipes, hairspray, and bandaids so I head onto amazon real quick to order some more. At this point I realize I still haven't eaten today and plow down a handful of gummies I bought at Trader Joes last weekend to hold me over until dinner later. 

12:00 pm: At this point our nanny goes home for the day (she works just three hours in the morning which is a huge help for me to get a lot of focused work done for the day, and keeps the kids off their iPads). I leave Kyle with his homework he still hasn't done for the day, and he stays home while I get Kinsley's leg braces and shoes on, and take her to get her botox injections (this sounds very vain if you don't know that my daughter has spasticity/cerebral palsy).

12:45 pm: We get to the hospital a couple minutes late, get checked in, and get called back to our room pretty quickly. The doctors looked at her legs and decided that she was actually looking good even though she hadn't had injections in over six months, and we ended up getting less than we had our previous visit. We'll do botox every six months instead of three moving forward which feels like a win.

2:15 pm: We pass the hospital vending machine on the way out and there was a 0% chance that Kinsley would not ask for a snack. We grabbed a soda and some veggie straws, that I'm pretty sure I paid $10 for but can't confirm until I get my credit card statement, and then we got in the car and headed home. 

2:50 pm: We get home and I confirm Kyle is still alive at this point. I kick him off of his iPad, and set Kinlsey up with her iPad so that I can get my work done for the day. Once she is down with a snack and settled and I start to head downstairs, she informs me she needs to use the bathroom. I take her to the bathroom and get her resettled with her snacks and iPad, shove a couple handfuls of a couple different snacks in my mouth (because at this point I still haven't eaten a real meal and I'm running on fumes until dinner), and then head to the basement to get some lose ends with work finished for the day. 

4:50 pm: Finished work for the day and called Derek on the phone while I figured out what I was going to make for dinner. We chatted for a couple of minutes about stuff going on in his family and then I headed upstairs to kick Kinsley off her iPad, parent, and cook dinner while we waited for Derek to get home.

5:00 pm: I start cooking dinner. Also note at this point that I'm starving because I've had about two handfuls of gummies and a few swigs of coke at this point. I decided on mini chicken tacos from Trader Joes, a salad, and some Spanish rice. 

5:45 pm: In the last 45 minutes Derek came home, we got dinner on the table and ate together, and then I got dressed and ready to go to the gym. I ended up doing 30 minutes on the treadmill at a 15% incline and ended up getting about 1400 feet in elevation gain. I then lifted some weights for less than a minute before going home. 

6:45 pm: I get home and the kids are playing with stuffies together in Kinsley's room. I start getting the house cleaned up while the kids are playing independently before we have some family time before the bedtime chaos starts.

7:00 pm: We've been trying to figure out the best layout for Kinlsey's bedroom because it's a small 10x10 square, and it's always chaos. We all ended up in her room throwing away old toys, reorganizing things she has, cleaning out her closest, and vacuuming before bedtime. When we were all done we just laid in there for a while until it was time for her to go to bed at 8pm.

8:00 pm: Derek put Kinsley to bed and I took a shower.

8:20 pm: I hop back onto my computer, check my email, texts for the day, IG messages, and anything else that needs my attention.

8:45 pm: I took some product pictures for a friend's new business last night, so I edited those and got them sent back to her. 

9:00 pm: Responded to a few more emails and messages. Researched a new business someone told me about, and talked to Derek in between all the exciting developments.

9:40 pm: Decided I was starving and headed into the kitchen to microwave 2 otter pops for 15 seconds for my nightly snack, then Derek and I watched two episodes of Brooklyn 99. 

10:30 pm: Brooklyn 99 is over, we sent Kyle downstairs to go to bed, lights out for everyone and we went to bed. 

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