We Rock The Spectrum Tampa (FUN INCLUSIVE PLAY!)

We Rock the Spectrum Tampa is a great and inclusive play space that children of all abilities will love to play at regularly. If you're in the Tampa area, definitely check it out with your kids soon!

We Rock The Spectrum Tampa

We Rock the Spectrum Tampa:

When we were in Florida a few years ago there were a lot of rainy days where we were looking for something fun to do with the kids. I was looking up inclusive indoor play places where I could take the kids to play (because our daughter is a non-ambulatory wheelchair user) and was pleasantly surprised when this play space, We Rock The Spectrum popped up.

We Rock The Spectrum is a Franchise business that provides sensory-friendly and inclusive play spaces for children of all abilities to play. While we visited the Tampa franchise, there are many locations throughout the United States, and even internationally as well.

We Rock The Spectrum Tampa

Things to Do at We Rock the Spectrum Tampa:

At the location that we went to there were many different things for both of our kids to enjoy. They had a lot of different playhouses, toys, kitchen toys, and more all in one part of the space. They had an indoor zip-line that you could change the seat on as you wished, allowing Kinsley to go on the zip-line in an enclosed swing that worked well for her. They also had an area with several different types of swings hanging from the ceiling. So kids could play, swing, and zip-line to their content.

We Rock The Spectrum Tampa

Cost of We Rock the Spectrum:

The cost of playing at We Rock the Spectrum Tampa varies a little bit. If you're just going one day to try it out it is $14 for the first child and $12 for all additional children. They do have punch passes and monthly memberships though that reduce the cost if you're going to be visiting more frequently. We only went one time on our trip to Florida, but if we lived there locally I could see us doing the punch pass method for sure.

We Rock The Spectrum Tampa

Respite Care Option:

We Rock The Spectrum is specifically designed to help families impacted by autism and other disabilities. They offer respite services to families in the Tampa area who need to take a break for some time. They offer 1 on 1 respite for $20/hr, but you do need to register 48 hours in advance on their website.

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