Our Trip to Lowry Park Zoo Tampa Florida

If you're making a trip to the sunshine state, be sure to include the Lowry Park Zoo Tampa Florida on your trip's itinerary. This family friendly destination will be one that you and your children will remember for years to come. 

Lowry Park Zoo Tampa Florida

Lowry Park Zoo Tampa Florida:

We went to Lowry Park Zoo two years ago in 2021 when we were staying in Tampa for a month while house swapping with some friends. I really do not like zoos. Like they're just really not my thing at all, but I will say in all honestly, Lowry Park Zoo was the best zoo we have ever been to, and no other zoo will ever be worth visiting again after this one. If you want the best zoo experience ever, I cannot say enough good things about this one. 

Things to Do at Lowry Park Zoo:

Lowry Park Zoo has so many things to see and do. You can walk the expansive grounds and see all the different animal exhibits. They have plenty of up close animal encounters for kids to enjoy, along with a small petting zoo of farm animals. They also have beautiful gardens you can stroll through, and amusement park rides that the entire family can enjoy. 

Lowry Park Zoo Tampa Florida

Lowry Park Zoo Tampa Florida

Rides at Lowry Park Zoo:

This was honestly the best part of the zoo for me and the kids. It was so hot the day we went (in the middle of July) and the idea of walking around the zoo for hours sounded awful, until we saw that they had so many different rides to enjoy, and it really helped to break up the walking. They have several rides available such as:

  • Expedition Wild Africa: A bus ride that takes you through the entire Africa exhibit.
  • Roaring Springs: A big water ride that plunges you down super fast and the entire family gets wet. We rode this at least 5 times when we went!
  • Kid's Area: There is a kid area with several small rides and a splash pad called Wallaroo
  • The Carousel: Classic ride with lots of different animals to choose to ride on.
Lowry Park Zoo Tampa Florida

Lowry Park Zoo Tampa Florida

Accessibility and Accommodations:

The rides and everything that we did at Lowry Park Zoo were very accommodating and accessible for our daughter who is a wheelchair user. They also have strollers and wheelchairs available to rent for individuals who might need them. The rides were great for the most part, although I think there might have been one ride that we weren't able to access due to the wheelchair but I cannot remember which one. 

Lowry Park Zoo Tampa Florida

Park Hours and Admissions:

There are a few different ways to pay to get into Lowry Park Zoo:

The zoo is open from 9:30am-5:00pm seven days a week. There are special hours and closings around the holidays, so check out their webpage to confirm before you go. 

Lowry Park Zoo Tampa Florida

Lowry Park Zoo Tampa Florida

The Lowry Park Zoo was one of my favorite things we did on our trip to Florida a few years ago, and it's something that we still talk about to this day. If you're in the area, it's a must do in my opinion! Also, they took these pictures of us right when we walked into the park and I have never regretted the $80 that I spent on them. 

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