Andcollar Shirt Review + Discount Code!

This andcollar shirt review will tell you everything you need to know about &collar, their sustainable manufacturing processes, and a discount code for you to save on your next purchase! 

Andcollar Shirt Review

andcollar Shirt Review:

My husband Derek has been wearing andcollar shirts for several years now and has never had anything but great things to say about their clothing and products. The thing he loves most about their shirts are that they're moisture wicking. Because the shirts wick away moisture really well, these shirts get zero sweat stains compared to his other shirts that... look like they've been through the war. 

Derek also loves that they have a four way stretch, so even though he wears the slim fit shirt most often, they don't feel tight or restrictive because they move so well with his body. 

Andcollar Shirt Review

Andcollar Shirt Review

andcollar Sustainable Practices:

andcollar takes water bottles that would otherwise end up in a landfill and brings them to a processing plant that is able to turn the bottles into thread. This thread gets blended with other fabrics to create the unique water resistant, yet stretchy andcollar shirts that everyone knows and loves. 

Each shirt is made with about 15 plastic water bottles which is a huge impact on the environment and sustainability overtime. As someone who is always looking for ways to be more eco-friendly and conscious of the environment, I love that andcollar does something about landfill plastics, their shirts last longer than other dress shirts we've used because they don't stain like other shirts, which means we have to also purchase less clothing over time. It's a win-win for both plastics and over consumption of clothing. 

Andcollar Shirt Review

andcollar Polo Shirt Review:

We recently tried andcollar's polo shirt for the first time, and this arguably might be Derek's favorite thing he has tried from them. It's somehow super soft which he wasn't expecting, but at the same time made of the same water resistant and durable fabric as the dress shirts. It's great for a casual Friday at work, or heading out for date night. It fits and looks great, and is an awesome addition to any man's closet. 

Andcollar Shirt Review

andCollar Discount Code:

You can get 15% off your next purchase with andcollar when you use the code FLAMM15 at checkout.  There is no order minimum, so the discount is valid on everything from a pair of socks to an entire new wardrobe. The code should not expire so it is valid for any purchase you might make at anytime. 

To try andcollar for yourself, head to their website at and use code FLAMM15 at checkout for extra savings. 

Andcollar Shirt Review

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