Best Christmas Gifts for Tween Girls 2023

 If you're looking for the best Christmas gifts for tween girls some of these ideas will hopefully spark some interest for the girl between 8-12-years-old on your shopping list this year. 

Best Christmas Gifts for Tween Girls

The Best Christmas Gifts for Tween Girls:

When shopping for my own tween girl this year I scoured many upon many tween girl gift guides looking for the right gifts for my daughter. She is at a fun age where she is starting to like some fun and more mature things, which is especially endearing since she has some developmental disabilities. It's been fun to watch her grow and mature this year and like a lot of the same things as her same age peers. 

Most of the lists I saw had ideas for squashmallows, games, clothes, electronics, nails, beauty items, etc... I picked a variety of things that Kinsley has specifically expressed interest in, along with some things I'd found that I thought she would like. I think we found that perfect balance of still a kid, but kind of getting older too. Hopefully these ideas will work well for your tween too!

Girls Under Armor Hoodie:

Best Christmas Gifts for Tween Girls

Hoodies have become a Christmas tradition in our house over the last few years. We usually go for Nike, Adidas, or Under Armor because they have tech fabrics that are lined with fleece that my kids really seem to like. This one was a good price (i.e. under $40), and is tie-dye which Kinsley will love. 

LED Lights for Bedroom:

Best Christmas Gifts for Tween Girls

We updated Kinsley's bedroom several months ago (still need to get that post up), and she has been begging for LED lights since. I actually ended up purchasing these sets for both of our kids to have in their rooms and I think they'll really like them. 

Baby Doll Clothes:

Best Christmas Gifts for Tween Girls

Kinsley has been asking for new clothes for her baby dolls since her birthday. I got this 5 pack of doll pajamas for pretty cheap and I think she is going to be over the moon excited about changing her dolls clothes 100 times on Christmas. 

Squishmallows Monopoly:

Best Christmas Gifts for Tween Girls

Kinsley is OBSESSED with Squishmallows so when I saw they made a Squishmallow Monopoly I couldn't really help myself. I have a feeling this will be well loved on Christmas and during the entire break from school.

Digital Camera for Kids:

Best Christmas Gifts for Tween Girls

We are going on our make-a-wish trip to Disney shortly after Christmas. I wanted to get the kids each a digital camera for them to take their own pictures with. These were pretty cheap on Amazon and from the reviews it looked like they took decent pictures. I bought the teal one for Kinsley and the black one for Kyle. 

A Beginner Ukulele:

Best Christmas Gifts for Tween Girls

One of the main things Kinsley specifically and directly asked for this year was a ukulele. She has never played an instrument before, and has never shown a lot of interest but I definitely wanted to take advantage of the moment. Also when I think of her playing this in her room it gives me all the warm fuzzies.

Rainbow Hair Tinsel:

Best Christmas Gifts for Tween Girls

All of Kinsley's friends from school, and her nanny, all had hair tinsel over the summer. They're sparkly extensions that clip into your hair with these small beads and you can wear them for a couple weeks before you take them out. They look super fun and I've been wanting to try them in Kinsley's hair and figured Christmas break was a good time to try it out!

Pound Puppy:

Best Christmas Gifts for Tween Girls

Kinsley's classroom has this exact Pound Puppy as her class pet. She brought it home a few weeks ago and was devastated when she had to bring him back to school. We bought her one to keep at home and I know she will be so elated to open this on Christmas morning. Also the 90s kid in me loves it. I literally had the same exact Pound Puppy (which I'm sure my sister will tell me was actually hers at one point!) when I was a kid!

Do you have a tween girl between the ages of 8-12? I would love to know what's on her Christmas list this year!

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